Aqua Eyes Fish Eyes

Submitted by John S. on 02/22/2003. ( )

Has anyone used these new fish eyes, Aqua Eyes? I have seen the pictures in the ads and it looks like we finally have a truly real looking eye to use for fish. Can't wait for my order to arrive!

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Just make sure you use those eyes if...

This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 02/22/2003. ( )

Dan's the judge. If not your're screwed.

Are they that bad

This response submitted by Elmer on 02/23/2003. ( Tops )

From the pics I have seen they do look good some other people have seen them and say they look good. Is that a Judge thing Cecil meaning they have heartburn with Dan?

It's a judge thing Elmer

This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 02/23/2003. ( )

The eyes may be exellent for all I know. I will be checking them out. However, having competed for some time, I know how it works when a judge produces a product, mannikin etc. and the competitor ism or is not, using his product. There are exceptions, but the competitor usually gets dinged if he does not use the judge's product in his mount.

Having said in his article in Breakthrough that fish eyes are not round but more oblong you can bet you will be dinged for using round eys. However in all fairness I don't even know if Dan judges anymore.

I just got 3 pairs

This response submitted by Doug on 02/23/2003. ( )

I thought the eyes in the ad were REALLY overdone on the colors. But, being the sucker for anything new that I am, I ordered 3 Well..they are MORE COLORFUL than even the ad showed(lol).I guess I'll have to take another look at some reference, because these puppies are like a kaliedoscope!

The fish that won

This response submitted by John S. on 02/25/2003. ( )

The fish that won the Wisconson Taxidermy Association Annual competition last weekend in the Masters Division was a Largemouth using the Aqua Eyes. They looked great in the mount! I now have a few pairs and think that they look exactly like the reference photos.

Who was the fish judge?

This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 02/25/2003. ( )

Just curious.

Just wondering

This response submitted by Gary Bruch on 02/26/2003. ( )

What I am wondering is why anyone in the masters division in any state would not paint there own eyes and include a set of references to show how capable they are of recreating detail. I was also wondering why it took Dan soooo long to discover that eye shape and color were lacking in comercial fish eyes.


This response submitted by John S. on 03/01/2003. ( )

The reason Wildlife Artists paint their own eyes for their entries in the Master's division is to provide an extra measure of realism to their work. By doing this, they are saying that the fish eyes available comercially are not real looking enough. Perhaps the guy in Wisconsin that won the competition discovered that the Aqua Eyes were real looking enough to convince him not to paint his own. And he won the Master's Division! The logic in this is that Aqua Eyes are detailed and colored as well as the real thing. Fresh out of the water color! Check your reference photos and see.

Still Wondering

This response submitted by Gary Bruch on 03/02/2003. ( )

I personally have not viewed these eyes first hand,however the photos I have seen leave a lot to be desired. I compete in the Masters division, and in the masters of masters in my home state so I do know just a little about references. If you were to look at reference you would see that many variables can alter an individual species of fish coloration. Therefore it is impossible to say that this particular fish eye must look like this or that. I have personally viewed hundreds of Smallmouth Bass eyes and have witnessed the pupil ring colored as a medium gold, a very soft gold as well as a silver pearl color. The iris itself can range from a deep burgandy through a bright red. With this in mind how can one consistantly use the same coloration of eye?I believe a true "master" realizes this and will pant a fish eye to the coloration of that specific fish. As stated previously I am not knocking the product I actually thought that the smallmouth eyes weren't bad --he even had the darker markings located well unlike other comercial eyes. I still would find it odd to not paint my own specific to that fish, and include the macro shot to prove it. Good luck with those eyes and keep lookin at references they are the key to quality work.

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