southern crappie

Submitted by trudyjean on 02/24/2003. ( )

I am new to this an have already checked the archives and couldn't find my answer. I am in the Southwest Ga area and was needing a good and simple paint schedule for crappie. Don't know if it matters whether the crappie is the same no matter if it's from the north or south. I see a lot of northern responses on here, so don't know if the schedules listed on this site would be the same no matter where u are. The one I am attempting is a female and has more of a green and black look to me. This will be my first one, and don't know what paints to buy. Before ordering anything I was hoping to get some feedback from you'all. I am on a budget and didn't want to buy unneeded paints. I was strongly looking towards the Lifetone Laquer ones. Also is there any taxidermist near the GA/AL line that would be willing to spend some time with me so I could get some hands on. TIA, trudyjean

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What if I'm a southerner who lives up north

This response submitted by George on 02/24/2003. ( )

How does a "northern" answer differ from a "southern" one? A southern taxidermist from Alabama is just like one from Michigan until he opens his mouth I assume. Go to the WASCO catalog and buy yourself a Fish Encyclopedia. If you do fish, you need one. THEN all you have to do is decide if it's a WHITE crappie or a BLACK one.


This response submitted by trudyjean on 02/24/2003. ( same as above )

Thanks George! I have an order for WASCO, but was wanting to make sure from the more exerienced taxi's before I ordered. I do have a paint schedule on that order and wanted to get some paints at the same time if possible.


This response submitted by The Rookie on 02/26/2003. ( )

Black,Dark Brown, White,Irredescent gold,Irredescent Blue,Irredescent Green,Bright yellow, and gold sparkle. These colors were suggested to me at one time (Grouseman) and may work for you to. Good luck. Jeff

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