Paasche to Iwata comparison

Submitted by fisher on 02/26/2003. ( )

I am considering purchasing a Iwata HP airbrush and am trying to decide between the BC and the BC2. The Paasche brushes just call their tips #3, #5, med, fine, etc. My question is: what are the actual sizes of the Passche tips? Iwata shows .3mm, .4mm, etc. and I'm trying to compare them. I am now using a #3 tip in a VL brush and don't know which Iwata tip is closest to the #3. Anyone know the exact sizes? Or know from experience how they compare?

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Iwata HP-BC

This response submitted by Kenneth on 02/26/2003. ( )

This is the airbrush you want for super fine detail. If you do fish, this is the air brush you want. I own both the paasche and the iwata. There is no comparison. I do not own a HP-BC2, but I was told by a salesman that it was comparable to the VL. The HP-BC is finer than that. Bear air has all the details on the brushes in their catalog.


This response submitted by Old Fart on 02/26/2003. ( )

Thes are the numbers on the differences, I took them from an airbrush magazine that I got years ago. Paasche VL-1 is a .55 tip. the Iwata HP-B comes with a .20 tip(.30 optional). The Iwata Custom Micron, considered their finest airbrush, comes with a .18 tip. Sorry I do not know what the size of the VL-3 tip is, I will try to look it up, if I can find the magazine.

I would recommend the HP-B over the BC. If you are using this as a detail brush you are not using a high volume of paint, the small cup that is part of the HP-B body will hold all the paint you need and then some. If you need more paint than the brush holds, you are using the wrong brush, your VL-3 will already do that job.


This response submitted by Kenneth on 02/26/2003. ( )

Use your color cup from your VL and make your HP-BC a B.

I Don't Think So

This response submitted by Old Fart on 02/27/2003. ( )

I don't think that using the cup from the VL will make the HP-BC into a B.


This response submitted by fisher on 02/27/2003. ( )

I will be using the new Iwata for fish. I've been leaning toward the BC, but am just trying to figure out what to expect as far as how fine the detail will be in comparison to the VL w/ #3 tip. I realize and expect that the Iwata will perform much better (I hope, anyway) but don't know how fine is "fine". Old Fart, if you find the size of the #3 tip I would be most interested, I couldn't find it anywhere. Worst case, I guess, is that Iwata sells extra tips in all sizes.

Thanks again.


This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 02/27/2003. ( )

There is a major difference between the two if your looking for detailed work. I have three Paschee and I let the kids play with them cause there junk compared to an Iwata. Sorry but it's fact I know there are some who will disagreee but I garuntee they never really used one of the better air brushes. I also have an Aztec that can do just about the same as the Iwata but the smoothness of an Iwata is unbeatable.
With either Iwata you can get the smallest dot and can do some intense detail work but again your paints should be thinned and strained for detail work. Plus if you need a broader spray it will do that also. The only draw back is if your doing or using heavy pearls I would recomend using the other kind. In the Iwata it does like to clog up more since it's a finer cone that's used.

Extra Iwata Tips

This response submitted by Old Fart on 02/27/2003. ( )

The HP-B comes only with the .2 or .3 tip. Get the .2! I totally agree with Frank, the Iwata makes the Paasche look like junk when it comes to fine detail. Paasche makes a good brush ,BUT not for detailing. I still don't understand why anyone would want the cup or bottle with the Iwata, you can do all the painting you will need to do with the basic HP-B. I am even thinking about going to the HP-A so that I have even less in the way when I am painting detail.


This response submitted by Old Fart on 02/27/2003. ( )

I couldn't find the magazine with the tip size comparison. The #3 is a much larger tip than the #1 and you can see the comparison with the Iwata and the Paasche there. If you watch ebay you can find an Iwata HP-B for $90-100 on a regular basis. If you need one right away then try they sell them for $119.

Hey Old

This response submitted by Paul B on 02/28/2003. ( )

try one of the HP-SB's, the cup is on the side and gives you a clear view of what your detailing. The eclipse series HP-SBS work almost as good.


The Point Is...

This response submitted by Old Fart on 02/28/2003. ( )

...You really don't need that much paint to begin with. I don't like the cups hanging on the bottom or off to the side. You will waste more paint in the syphon tube than I use in total. Those are the jobs that the VL-3 does just fine on.

MY point is...

This response submitted by fisher on 02/28/2003. ( )

...or rather, my question fine is fine? I look forward to using a quality tool in the Iwata and understand the VL can't be the same as an HP-?, so I'll be specific. Will the HP-BC2, which comes with a .4mm tip paint a smaller/finer spot or line than a Paasche #3 tip? Or do I need to go to the BC with the .3mm tip?

I know I'll look better, feel better, and smell better using the Iwata but will the spots be any smaller? We may be splitting hairs here, but I'd like to make the right choice the first time.


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