What color basecoat?

Submitted by Kevin Dobbs on 02/27/2003. ( dobbs@soncom.com )

I was wondering what color I should use for a base coat(the one after the grey prmer)to paint a reproduction brook trout.I tried painting right over the grey primer but it looked like it was going to be way to dark so I stripped it.Should I start with white primer instead or paint white over the grey primer? I tried re-priming in grey and then shot the whole fish with medium bass green with a little yellow ochre,this is where I now stand.Maybe I should mention I am using Polytranspar Wa series over fp primer.Another ? is should I leave the fins alone for transparency,is there a clear primer?Sorry for so many ?'s and a long post but I want to get it right this time as its my first Brooky.KD

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Me too

This response submitted by Doug on 03/01/2003. ( )

I hope WE get a reply on this...eh! I have 3 replicas brookies that arrived all primed WHITE. I need advice on what base color to begin with too. I usually mist replicas with a black/brown mix and then steel wool off the high spots to give some scale detail and depth. However, the scales on the brookie replicas are like pinheads, and I don't see the value in it. I am reluctant to just start applying color though. HELP!

Here's the answer

This response submitted by Doug on 03/01/2003. ( )

I have Ron Redynold's paint schedule book. He wrote to SILVER out the whole blank. I was reluctant to do it, but HEY...Ron's da man...eh?! I followed the plan, and got onto the other colors. Well, the trout looks good. I'd not have tried that except Ron's schedules are pretty darn good. Soooooooooo..silver is the basecoat. Glad to help you out Kevin, and you too Doug.
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This response submitted by KD on 03/02/2003. ( dobbs@soncom.com )

Well right now I am trying a mixture of chocolate brown and seinna and it looks pretty good but I think I will try the silver as recommemded.Thanx KD

white on white

This response submitted by terryr on 03/03/2003. ( )

i prime very lighltly white on top of white - no problems so far

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