Flex Eyes

Submitted by The Rookie on 02/28/2003. ( NaturesTrophies@aol.com )

Had some questions about the proper installation and size ordering of these eyes so I deciced to call Flex Eyes. Low and behold I got a hold of Wayne Cooper(the maker). He suggested when ordering that you should downsize one. I.E. If it's a 20mm socket then order an 18mm eye. If filling with white clay be careful not to overfill, he also suggested the foam rubber method as George mentioned in a prior posting. Also said certain accomadations (45 degree slit in bottom right hand corner of eye) would have to be to accommadate proper setting on fish such as crappie with a high cheek bone.He of course mentioned a 15 degree angle forward and down for a realistic look.The point was also made about the white of the scleral band showing on the top and front of the eye. While I had a hold of the boss I made the point that the current instructions were very vague for someone who may not have used his eyes before and that he might be losing customers as a direct result. He said after 26 years he just took that fact for granted and would try to resolve it in his newest salt-water eye coming soon to catalogs. Overall Wayne seemed to be a very intellectual person with great willingness to help in any way he could. I know I'll be giving his eyes a few more chances. If nothing else it was the best money I spent recently just being able to talk with such a great and knowledgable person. Hope theres some info in here that can help somebody out. Have a great Friday and no arguing tonight. Poor Ken doesn't want to get up tomorrow and see what needs deleting now.LOL Good Day-Jeff

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Jeff, I posted some bass photos on kiwi's website.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 02/28/2003. ( )

One is the same bass from the same spot within a second of each photo.

What you will see is what generaly shows in a relaxed postion.
then you can see thw largemouth bass has the ability to push thier eye several milimeters out to give them a better degree of vision.

Take a look and see what you think!

JOhn C

Try Aqua Eyes

This response submitted by John S. on 02/28/2003. ( )

I just tried some of the new Aqua Eyes. They fit better than the flex eyes and the coloration is more true to life. Try a few and see what works best for you.

aqua eyes

This response submitted by rob on 03/01/2003. ( )

Were can i find aqua eyes?

You can get Aqua Eyes at

This response submitted by John S. on 03/01/2003. ( )

I have seen them at several places. You can get them from Dan Rinehart at (608)868-9194 (this is where I got mine). I also saw them on the Jonas site (www.Jonastaxidermy.com) and they were listed on the Van Dyke's site, but they didn't have the pictures on their site yet like Jonas did. I also saw them on Matt Thompson's new flier.

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