"world champion"

Submitted by bryan on 02/04/2004. ( )

do you folks think a supplier who is also a world champion in the fish category,uses the title to advertise and then sells crap is held to higher standard? it bugs me to buy repros and heads from someone who uses the title only to have to send most stuff back, because of bubbles, hot glue fins, chunks missing out of the mold and so on.......i just think if you use the title you should be held to a higher standard....or don't use it to advertise....just a thought as i've got a box full of fish heads that just went in the trash can.....it costs more to send back than its worth...paying good money for a blank only to have to buy other fins anall don't seem right. i know someone will jump on me for this but it bugs me..btw i stopped ordering thier stuff long ago.....

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You ASSUME wrong, Bryan

This response submitted by George on 02/04/2004. ( georoof@aol.com )

Any individual advertising themselves as "World Champion" are simply stating the truth about a title they earned at the World Show. Their business practices and products they sell are NOT endorsed by the World Show obviously, but are rather sold to you by that particular individual. I would think the only conclusion I might reach would be that this individual has the talent to take the "crap" you received and turn it into an award winning piece. After all, the Boston Red Sox still fly the World Championship pennant over Fenway, and it's been HOW LONG AGO that they won it? And I hope you don't think that Oliver Winchester still personally makes all the guns with his name on them.

Sounds a lot like a burr under your saddle.

Just finished a Cutthroat...

This response submitted by Kenneth on 02/04/2004. ( )

from Arp's Studio and it was an awesome blank. It had a few molding inperfections, but they were easily corrected. The hot glue fins were perfect and looked great when it was finish. Customer was ecstatic and paid me $462.00 for the piece. Heck, Dennis did most the work and I just painted it and put it on a base. Order from Archie Phillps next time.

I have to agree with Bryan

This response submitted by John C on 02/04/2004. ( )

The hot glue fins totally suck. Thats why I use Reynolds or New Wave.
Everytime I tried to use the hot glue fins the sag and buckle and for my money I feel I should get better quality.

The title has nothing to do with it, They are not quality in my book, but maybe I hold a higher standard for that type of work.

As for sendin stuff back, if I order it and get screwed, I will never order from that company again, nor will I order thier product from another company.

I feel like Bryan, if he advertises the title his product should reflect that quality. It should not be totally up to me to produce a blue ribbon product if I was sold a product that is suppose to be better.
As far as that go's why waste the extra money, just by a Archie blank and replace the fins. Yea I think I can do that with Brother Archies blanks, but then Why? did I pay for a better (allegedly) product.

So it boils down to this, charge more for the product order Fins from a real Master "DON FRANK" order The cast from Arp, then I guess you would have a far superior product.

George I have to call you on this one, then why would we use Epo-Grip 2 part instead of the one part linoleum paste. Why would we use a artificial fish head instead of a real one, why use earliners or Magic Ear instead of bondo?

See the point you have been using the best products then why settle for 3rd best in a repro fish.

John, I also use DP

This response submitted by George on 02/04/2004. ( )

What I think is a great product doesn't necessarily make it one. Conversely, those that I think are bad aren't necessarily bad either. It still comes down to personal choices. I'm still waiting for them to perfect artificial fins and I know they're pretty close. I don't like the hot glue fins either, but injection casting and molding hasn't nailed the process yet to replace them. In due time. I just wonder what some of these people would've done 30 years ago with the paper forms and NO REPRODUCTION FISH until Archie Phillips came along. Today, we're griping because they aren't perfect ENOUGH. Back then we were just glad they LOOKED LIKE THE REAL THING.

Like George....

This response submitted by Kenneth on 02/04/2004. ( )

I am yet to see that perfect "fake" fin. Believe me, I have used many diiferent ones. I am not saying hot glue fins are great, but I have seen a few blue ribbon fish with hot glue fins on it. So, they must not be impossible or that horrible. I am interested in seeing Don Frank's fins. I bet they are great.
George, you are showing your age again.

Cast fins

This response submitted by D. Frank on 02/08/2004. ( cjff5012@aol.com )

I have one size of injection molded fins available from a 2-3 lb trout. Can send them for $5. including shipping anywhere in the US. I have not expanded into all sizes because of the expense of doing so. I want some more feedback on these before doing so. Check them out even if you don't have a fish that size right now. I have yet to have any negative feedback on them but would welcome comments good or bad.
or 816-532-3500

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