Can I fix an air brush hose?

Submitted by Andy O on 02/08/2004. ( )

Have absolutely no idea how it happened, but the coupler on the "airbrush" end of my hose is bent and leaking air. Tried bending it into position with no luck. I'm thinking I can cut the coupler off and replace it but cant find a replacement. Has anyone cut the coupler off and replaced it? If so, where did you pick up a replacement adapter? It's the 12' paasche with water trap if that matters. Any help is appreciated.


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One more thing

This response submitted by Andy O on 02/08/2004. ( )

I tightened the adapter as tight as I could with pliers. Still leaked.

don't mess with it

This response submitted by dale on 02/08/2004. ( )

For what a new hose would cost, why mess with it. What's your time worth. I've learned trying to take shortcuts usually ends up costing me more than if I would have just got it fixed right the first time. If the thing is bent and leaked, probably nothing you can do. If it leaked before it was bent, replace the O ring.

The hoses arent cheap

This response submitted by Andy O on 02/08/2004. ( )

The hose runs $28 plus shipping. Hoping to find a fitting or fix for under$5.

Its a passhe you can unscrew the end.

This response submitted by John C on 02/08/2004. ( )

The otem that looks like a nut on the end of the hose can be removed. Just unscrew it. then you can pull the nipple out of the hose. Cut the hose a few inches back and reassemble. I have done it many times. Still using the first hose I bought in 1978.

Hey wait thats older than many of the people asking questions here.


This response submitted by Hoop on 02/08/2004. ( )

you can try They have Paasche hoses 6ft./$5.79 up to 25ft./$16.95. They have adapters for rigging different makes of airbrushes to different hoses. They also have real good prices on airbrushes and accessories. Hope this helps.

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