Techniques for making a high detail fish cast?

Submitted by Deirdre Kellett . on 02/06/2004. ( )

I am a model making student from Ireland. I am working on my final year project, which involves making accurate models of fish.

I am hoping someone out there would like to recommened materials and a good moulding/casting technique for fish replicas.

One fish will be handpainted to look like a real fish and one will need to be a clear cast. The clear fish will be split longtitudily and will house the internal organs of the fish, which will be automated in the display!

Also if anyone can suggest a site where I can find accurate fish anatomy photos or diagrams that would be great.Thanks Dee.

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Look through the molding catagory, everything you need

This response submitted by John C on 02/06/2004. ( )

to know about molding a fish has been posted there. Scroll to the bottom of the catagory and you will find the archives it goes back several years.

Or use the search button and type in Molding fish.

Marine Taxidermy can anybody help?

This response submitted by Peter Prinsloo on 02/29/2004 at 12:52. ( )

Hi John C,
I have tried to find the website that you refer to but was not succesful. I would like to try to make a mold, and cast a smallish fish in resin as my first project / attempt. Are you able to give me a website, where I can get free info, buying books is time consuming and difficult as I live in South Africa.
Thanking you in anticipation,

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