Huge Silver Salmon

Submitted by Luke on 02/12/2004. ( )

Would anyone know where to find a reproduction of a 41" Silver Salmon?
I found the one McGinnity's has, under suppliers in this site,but I would prefer one that is not (head down, tail down.)
I need to paint a pedestal mount and I think it would look like a "Bucking Bronco!" I would have to put a saddle on it! :0)

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41" Silver?(Coho)

This response submitted by Eric on 02/12/2004. ( )

Man,..we get some big silvers here in Kodiak, Alaska. 22-23lbs+ change. I've NEVER seen one 41 ". The big ones here are in the 35"-36" range.
Where did this Silver(Coho) come from?
I don't know of any on the market that big.
Fantasies in Fiberglass in Sterling, Alaska,.. have some really nice big ones.
Good Luck.
Also curious as to what this fish weighed.?

Local fish

This response submitted by Luke on 02/12/2004. ( )

I would not have believed it either had he not supplied me with the photo. This fish was caught in a river here in Washington state called the Cowlitz river. It was bright as a dime. He caught it on a lure called a "Vibrax". His photo is great resolution and shows him holding it still alive and halfway in the water. He released it.
I came up with 28.7 lbs using 756.
It sure would be great if I could find a good repro for it.
I sent Ken an e-mail. I am waiting for a response from him.
Have a good one!


This response submitted by Eric on 02/13/2004. ( )

That is a huge Silver!
I would have liked to have seen that one.
I know our(Alaska) state record isn't that big.
Ken has some really nice Silvers,..don't know that big though.
Take Care and Good Luck

Bill gaither

This response submitted by wetnwild on 02/13/2004. ( )

Sent Bill two salmon to make repros of. One is a 35 pound silver king in that size range. he says they will be ready in a few months if you do not mind the wait. i guarantee they will be the best repros available anywhere if you know Bills talents

wetnwild, what's a "silver king"?

This response submitted by Doug M on 02/13/2004. ( )

A cross between a coho and a chinook? Inquiring minds want to know.

BTW, Luke, sounds like your client might have done a little creative measuring. A couple years ago when the Washington coho record was broken 4 times, I mounted 3 of those fish and none were over 36 inches. A spawner might be a little longer because of the developed kype but you said this was a bright fish. I'm not questioning your honesty at all, just finding it hard to believe. Not impossible but hard to believe. Good luck on your search.

silver salmon

This response submitted by brian on 02/13/2004. ( )

Call ken in alaska, fantasies in fiberglass, he makes real good
blanks ,great detail,

Contact info for Bill Gaither?

This response submitted by Luke on 02/13/2004. ( )

Hey wetnwild!
That's quite a handle! Brings to mind thoughts of something other than fish. :0)
Anyways... Could you pass on contact info for Bill? He may not have what I need this time, but I do alot of repros and could use another source for good repros.
Hey Doug, I have not met a fisherman yet who would say their fish was bigger than it really was. :0)
Sure looks about right though.
I will see if I can get the photo scanned and post it on my site.


This response submitted by wetnwild on 02/14/2004. ( )

What i never saw and I read the post three times is he never mentioned it was a COHO! He just said silver salmon. he could be refering to any salmon that is prespawn and not yet colored up, and still has his flashing bright silver colors. lots of great lakes salmon are refered to as silver salmon only because of coloring. a silver king is nothing more thn a big chinook slamon not yet spawned out and fresh from the lake. they are brilliantly colored till they start their spawn run, then turn olive green and black. Thought from hi original description this is what he may have been refering to. as for gaithers contact info:


This response submitted by Luke on 02/14/2004. ( )

Thanks for the lead. I am in touch with Bill.
We call those Coho's Silvers over here. We get huge runs of several varieties of Salmon in Washington state and they all arrive in bright silver phase although the term Silver could be applied loosely to any one species. We usually consider a Silver to be a Coho.
Best regards!

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