no 2 pencil

Submitted by Rino .T on 02/21/2004 at 13:18. ( )

thought this might be of some help to somebody out there if you have problems airbrushing the dark areas on fish like the dark spots on largemouth bass bellys and the spot s on crappies or scale tipping bluegills . Do all your prep work to get it ready to be painted when you are ready to paint them use a no 2 pencil and color all the areas that you might have problems airbrushing . you will see all the dark areas that need darking . be care full as not to touch the areas you colored in or they will smear. when you are happy with the results spray a coat of basecoat sealer over the fish let dry than you can handle it and it won,t smear. paint the rest of the fish as normAL but don't cover the dark ares with to much paint so you can't see what you did. don't use a real sharp pencil because it will be to shiney at first. dull it a little bit and you will get better results . it only take minuets to do compared to airbrushing. .....Rino T

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Ive been doing

This response submitted by Vic on 02/22/2004 at 11:06. ( )

this for 11 years. just wanted to add that after you pencil in, wipe off the areas with a dry cloth or your finger. This will take the gloss look off and blend it better.

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