channel catfish

Submitted by cmad on 02/22/2004 at 03:05. ( )

ive got two channel catfish in a 29 gallon tank along w/an oscar and a rocket gar, there all about 4 inches long, but i really cant decide on what type of foods i should make as there main diet or what size tank i should get for them when they get bigger. also how long does it take them to grow into foot long predators? any help is appreciated.

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wrong forum

This response submitted by newbirdman on 02/22/2004 at 09:06. ( )

Chris , this forum is for dead fish . If you want info on live fish , go to this web site . They will answer everything you want to know . Rick


This response submitted by donnie on 02/22/2004 at 21:56. ( )

Thats funny Rick)


This response submitted by d on 02/23/2004 at 00:25. ( )

Feed them goldfish. There cheap and great for all these fish. Watch out for your fingers when they get bigger

Get at least a 55 gallon aquarium

This response submitted by Dave on 02/23/2004 at 00:41. ( )

You will need at least this size for these fish as they all grow very large quickly.

We put them in ponds

This response submitted by Scott on 02/23/2004 at 12:55. ( )

around here. Most of us with koi ponds keep a channel cat white or black to clean the bottom of the pond. We don't feed them anything extra. They get what the koi don't eat or they eat the algae and waste. They usually get about 36"+ in about 5 years.


This response submitted by jeremy on 02/24/2004 at 01:04. ( )

get a good canister filter like a fluval 404, along with 2 aquaclear 500s or 300s, i also like to run the fluval exhaust into a undergravel plate while running the other plates with power heads. as for a airator go with the tetratec deepwater DJ-24 best bang for your buck, get 3. hook those babies up to at least 3 sponge filters capable of handling 75g tanks each. use the other 3 outlets for air stones or bubble walls. also the catfish need a hide spot so load it up with rocks or drift wood. I used to get sinking aquaculture pellets from agway for around $18 for a 50lb bag, the nutritional information is almost the same as shrimp pellets, that should be all you need. and dont skimp go with at least 3 in of gravel to help keep the ecosystem stable. goldfish are cool to watch get eaten but it is much better to go with the aquaculture feed, I believe it was made by zeigler ? the oscar may like floating pellets better and im not sure about the gar, salad shrimp my tickel his fancy

thanks alot

This response submitted by chris on 02/27/2004 at 21:42. ( )

Thanks for your help! Im pobably going to get anywere from a 75-100 gallon tank, the guy that owns the pet store down the street said he could get me an 80gal for about $90. im not sure if its a good deal or not but ill see what condition its in.

Does anybody know how i might beable to get a tank thats about 3ft wide and 4-6ft long? for food the catfish seem to like koi pellets. and the gar and oscar love feeder rosyreds and guppies.

anyways thanks again and im still looking for a bigger tank.

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