Arctic Char reference photo

Submitted by Bruce Norton on 1/4/05 at 8:14 PM. ( )

I need to locate a good reference photo of a spawning arctic char. My understanding is there is a lot of red and green coloration. I know Breakthrough had some ref photos several issues back, but they did not appear to be spawning colors, more silver. Thanks for any help.

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That is like sending you a photo of the Aurora Borealis

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Arctic char are one fish that make the concept of a "schedule" ridiculous, in my opinion. The species vary considerably from stream to stream and region to region. Even fish in the same clade differ considerably.

Some fish display pinks, some oranges and other red. They are not like salmon where the color is more or less uniform at various stages of spawning. Were I to send you photos of Churchill River, Ugashik Narrows, Susitna and Goodnews River Fish, you would be more confused than you are now.

In my estimation, it would be either a brave man, or one with limited experience who had the courage to write out a schedule for this particular species. Do I have photos? You bet. Would they help you, maybe and maybe not. Most of those scarlet fish you mention come from Canadian Waters. I have some photos of them too.

I suggest you check out the google image browser and see what you are getting ready to go up against. Pick the color you like and paint your fish that way.

Go to the yahoo taxidermy site, there are two very good pics

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There are two very clear and maybe down loadable pics there.

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