to seal or not

Submitted by ed c. on 4/3/05 at 11:17 PM. ( )

i,m doing a skin mount with a bondo&resin repro head i cast.i have primed the head with white fiberglas primer,and was wondering if when i seal the skin with fungicidal sealer should i hit the head also?i wanted to save as much detail in the head as possible,so i primed lightly ,should i have hit it with a heavy prime?
thanks, ed c.

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You can

This response submitted by b on 4/4/05 at 12:40 AM. ( )

But need not seal. as it is primed. a light coat of sealer will improve adheasion however.

Might also

This response submitted by Alex on 4/4/05 at 10:20 PM. ( )

Prevent color variations.

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