Ever have this happen with a freezer?

Submitted by Cecil on 4/1/05 at 7:35 AM. ( )

I defrosted one of my freezers by disconnecting the plug-in and after the plugged it back in it just does not want to get very cold again. It's an old freezer but I've never had any trouble before until now. I know I didn't blow a fuse and I do have power.

Fortunately I do have several other freezers but this is frustrating!

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Yes Sir

This response submitted by M.T. on 4/1/05 at 7:48 AM. ( )

I've had that happen two different times to me. One of the freezers was an upright(which I would never own again) and the other was an older chest freezer. I've heard of them doing that after moving them, but I didn't move either one!

Neither did I

This response submitted by Cecil on 4/1/05 at 8:13 AM. ( )

With the fish business down this year and access to a few other freezers maybe I can work on being more efficient and using less freezer space. I will be skinning fish and mounting fish like a mad man the next few days though as I just got 101 crappies, 84 bluegills, and 27 bass to just over 8 pounds from a fish farm to sell frozen to taxidermists. They have priority so out came the taxidermy customer's fish to skin and mount! I was so pissed to find out the freezer didn't want to freeze!

Much like a computer...

This response submitted by marty on 4/1/05 at 9:23 AM. ( )

...or a car or any other electrical appliance - when you turn it on and off is when problems usually occur. That initial surge on the components from a dead stop is what does them in...

Make sure

This response submitted by Alex on 4/1/05 at 11:59 AM. ( )

You didn't reset the thermostat by accident, turn the Freezer off by the control buton and wait 10 minutes and then ON again and set it to the maximum also open the botton where the mottor is and make sure there isn't any loose connection or bad wires ,

Thanks Alex

This response submitted by Cecil on 4/1/05 at 12:35 PM. ( )

I'll give that try. But it is running as I can hear it and their is some icing.

Might be

This response submitted by Alex on 4/3/05 at 9:19 PM. ( )

Low on Freeon also, when they are old they can have leaks.

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