Awesome closeup of live brook trout male!

Submitted by Cecil on 4/1/05 at 10:03 PM. ( )

Wow what a beautiful species!

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Cecil Youre right

This response submitted by Ed Babneau on 4/1/05 at 11:34 PM. ( )

I coulnt agree more, i realize as i get older, how lucky, and spoiled ive been , growing up here in New england, and haveing a ready supply of trout to fish for. Dont get me wrong, bass fishing is fun,but ,for me, nothing beats a 2-4 lb. brookie ,or rainbows upwards of 6-7 lbs., on a fly rod. just one of God's little gifts.


This response submitted by Doug on 4/2/05 at 7:19 AM. ( )

I sure wish that was a full body shot. I'd buy it for reference. It's superb as is, but I'd like to see the back half too. Ed, if you have access to 2-4 lb brookies, you don't live "down east," you live UP east."(LOL)

Doug I'm wondering if ...

This response submitted by Cecil on 4/2/05 at 3:42 PM. ( )

you get an entire brook trout picture if you buy it? It would be too easy to down load and get a full picture free. This way you have to buy it to get a whole picture. Just a thought. I could be wrong.

I Know where they were taken

This response submitted by troutbum on 4/2/05 at 4:56 PM. ( )

I bet 100 to 1 they were taken at Cabelas in hamburg pa. Check out there other fish pics. I was there with Gary bruch and have several pics of the same fish. I go there oftrn enough i recognized them

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