competition freeze dried skin mounts

Submitted by Brett on 4/5/05 at 7:54 PM. ( )

Can anyone tell me if there is anything writen (or unwritten) that prohibits freeze drying a conventionally mounted fish (skinned, carved body, etc.) The purpose would be simply to control shrinkage similar to the guys that put their mounted fish in the freezer for several weeks to "stabilize" the skin. I know it is being done at certain levels. I hear it can't be done for the NTA (and I assume at affiliated state shows), but OK at the World Show. Can anyone elaborate on this?

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As I read

This response submitted by James Parrish on 4/5/05 at 10:41 PM. ( )

As I read the rules, freere-drying is OK as long as it was conventionally mounted first.

If your Lucky

This response submitted by Ernie on 4/9/05 at 3:46 PM. ( )

Enough to have a freeze dry machine you have a head start in a competition. Fish literally won't shrink or does just a little.
If you mount a fish and leave it in a freezer the same thing happens.
I have mounted a fish and then once finished to my liking, I placed it on a stand in the freezer for almost 5 months it is in great shape..


This response submitted by SlW on 4/25/05 at 8:59 PM. ( )

What is the shortest time possible to mount a rainbow trout?

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