Setting fish eyes

Submitted by Wildgame on 4/7/05 at 2:19 PM. ( )

I have tried eye epoxy around the eyes for fish, however I cannot get that smooth looking appearance around the eyes. Does any one use a product that will hold the eyes in place and will still give that nice smooth look around the eyes.

Thanks for you suggestions:

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I use

This response submitted by M.T. on 4/7/05 at 2:24 PM. ( )

Apoxie Sculpt

I do too.

This response submitted by Luke on 4/7/05 at 3:45 PM. ( )

You don't need very much. Just roll a pinch in the shape of an axillary process fin, and work it in around the eye. Use very hot water, and keep working it lightly until it forms into the spaces.
Less is more!

smooth out with a wetted Q-tip

This response submitted by Cecil on 4/7/05 at 6:51 PM. ( )

Works for me.

I like a...

This response submitted by marty on 4/8/05 at 9:45 AM. ( )

...finger and a small artists brush to finish.

Hot water huh Luke? Never tried it. My bet is it'll make it softer and more pliable (and easier to work with). I'll have to try it - thanks!

Sure does...

This response submitted by Luke on 4/8/05 at 11:10 AM. ( )

Turns it into a cream, and then you can smooth it right in.I keep working it, about every 10 minutes(in the cooler months.)


This response submitted by John on 4/8/05 at 9:56 PM. ( )

I just use epoxy for my fish mounts and they turn out great. You just have to get the epoxy around the eye quickly and let it sit and it will smooth itself right out. If that doesnt look right smooth it out with very fine grain sand paper.

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