Painting a stingray ?

Submitted by Robert on 4/15/05 at 12:03 AM. ( )

I need some info on painting a stingray. A book or scheme. Maybe someone with experience in this area. Thanks

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which species

This response submitted by newbirdman on 4/15/05 at 6:13 AM. ( )

How can we tell you how to paint this if we dont know what species it is . Theres only about 100 + kinds and some have pretty colors . Rick

Stingray species?

This response submitted by Robert on 4/15/05 at 11:40 AM. ( )

Its What is called a southern stingray. It was caught near Dauphin Island Alabama. Thank you for your help. Robert

I found some good photos

This response submitted by Bradlee on 4/15/05 at 11:54 AM. ( )

They show some good detail .


This response submitted by troutbum on 4/16/05 at 12:58 AM. ( )

apparently they bury themselves in the sand so i would coat the whole thing with elmers and throw sand all over it. just kidding, never painted one, although the patterns are interesting. tough to tell on the underwater shots, but for the greenish blotches on the back i would try painting the back dark black or paynes grey and try sponging in a little ochre. test it first. good luck, hope it turns out.

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