fading smallmouth

Submitted by terry on 4/20/05 at 9:10 PM. ( )

I have a smallmouth bass and it has been mounted for a while it is starting to fade the gloss look is there any spray gloss to put on it.......................thanks terry

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dust it off....

This response submitted by tlc on 4/20/05 at 9:22 PM. ( )

and try Krylon's triple thick crystal clear glaze...I get it at Wal-mart...and swear by the stuff. Do a few flash coats and then subsuqent thicker coats...you'll love the result!


This response submitted by terry on 4/20/05 at 9:55 PM. ( )

thanks for your help


This response submitted by ss on 4/21/05 at 2:00 AM. ( )

kind of depends on what it was glossed with the first time?
i would test it on the back side, or you might need to repaint the fish again. some glosses will make small cracks like crackel paint if its not compatable.....

Most likely no incompatibility problems...

This response submitted by marty on 4/21/05 at 10:34 AM. ( )

BUT, as ss mentioned - it is probably a good idea to test anything on the backside of an unknown method that was previously used.

I gloss coat with Triple Thick over waterbased paints with no problems whatsoever. Reason being is once the paint is THOROUGHLY dried, it doesn't matter if it's water based or laquer based.

Now, there might be some acrylics or other stuff out there that were used that may or may not give you problems. But, I've done a fair amout of repairs and repaints and I've never had an incompatibility issue yet using Triple Thick.

Triple Thick in my opinion is an excellent product IF you know how to lay it down. A couple of flash coats as mentioned and then a nice even wet coat last. If you've ever painted anything from a can, you know to sorta shoot at an angle (NOT 90 degrees) to the fish so that the "splash" from that stroke is covered by the next stroke. In other words, work from wet to dry and slightly overlap each coat. Watch the tail area as this is an area that manytimes too much gloss is put on. IF you do get too thick or it clouds, don't freak out. Lay the fish flat so the gloss doesn't run/drip and it most likely will self-level and the clouding will most likely go away in about 30 minutes to an hour...

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