carving mannikins

Submitted by tom on 4/21/05 at 11:46 AM. ( )

i will be carving my own fish mannikins and was wondering which color of foam you people like to use.ive used both the blue and the tan and see there is also a you prefer any one color to any one kind of fish? thanks for your input.

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I prefer ..................

This response submitted by Paul B on 4/21/05 at 12:37 PM. ( )

the Blue foam, not as clingy when sanding and doesn't seem to get as airborn as the other foams. It's polystyrene, where the others are urethanes. Polystyrene foam is sensative to solvents, care is needed when using the two together.


Forgot to mention

This response submitted by PB on 4/21/05 at 12:40 PM. ( )

I use the pink foam for pink salmon and the blue foam for

I use the blue on all fish.



This response submitted by tom on 4/21/05 at 2:13 PM. ( )

thanks paul.i know i sound green and to be honest ....i am.i found the tan was easier to work with than the blue but youre right it does make more of a mess.i found too that i had to be gentle with the tan because it was easy to dent so to speak.thanks again.

Carving foams

This response submitted by Chad on 4/24/05 at 5:17 PM. ( )

I just bought a 6x12x12 block of 3.5 to 4 lb. density foam from Van Dykes for $10 I think it is great. It represents the exact same forms u buy already ready to mount. (In my opinion) I also have found out that the blue foam will not take to being painted on. the foam just dissentegrates. I was attemtping to make some artificial rocks and bases with it. Just to experiment, maybe next time i lay a this covering of apoxie around the foam let dry and then try to paint to desire color.

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