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Submitted by Ed on 4/21/05 at 5:36 PM. ( )

I just finished reading the very comprehensive article by Glen Browning on bird finishing techniques. He starts finish work on the eyes as soon as the bird is assemled. My question is do any of you do this with fish and how are the results? Thankyou in advance. ED

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It would be hard with fish.

This response submitted by Todd B on 4/21/05 at 11:50 PM. ( )

Because so many different areas have shrinkage. The (real) head for instance and also the throat area.. You cannot do any finish work until it is dry. If you do any finish work in the throat like rebuild with epoxy it needs to be dry. The only thing I do is set the eyes when the fish is freshly mounted. I then let it dry and do my epoxy work and back my fins.

Todd B

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