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hello. i have mounted a few trout before. I like to mount my fish with their natural skin and sometimes use a repro head when needed. I have never mounted a trout this small though. 9 inches is nice for a brookie, but small to work with. I am also having trouble finding forms that small to use. Im also worried about skinning the fish being that it's skin is so thin and delicate. If anyone could offer me advise on this, I would grealy appreciate it. Thanks much. You can reach me at

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You'll probably have to carve the body

This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 4/22/05 at 10:41 AM. ( )

If you're serious about being a good fish taxidermist you need to get your feet wet and start carving anyway even if you won't always need to.

I'd still use a cast head whether you order it or cast it yourself. Casting one yourself for such a small fish should be a cinch.

Painting will be delicate but you should be able to do O.K. if you use lots of reference.

I believe Randy Life's Mountaineer taxidermy supply had some things and possibly a form you can use. He's in West Virginia in native brook trout country.

You can use the natural head

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You shouldn't have any trouble with the skin on a 9". It should be the same as a larger fish. Just take your time. You can also use the real head. Just make sure to get it good and clean. You'll find that it shrinks up quite a bit and you will have to touch it up with epoxy. If you need help using the real head, e-mail me and I'll help you. You will probably have to carve the body but it won't be too bad. The one thing I learned on my first brook trout is that the skin will stretch lengthwise so be sure to draw the whole fish on paper with plenty of measurements. Once the form is carved with the correct dimensions the skin can be stretched back to it's original form. Good luck.

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