River Brown Reproduction Mounts and classes

Submitted by joe z on 4/22/05 at 8:09 PM. ( gonewest@wowway.com )

I am an avid trout fisherman and would like to learn how to paint German river brown trout. I have never done one yet. What is the best repo mount out there to use? Also I live in Mich. and would like someone to teach me how to use an airbrush to paint them? Also who is the best painter of German browns out there, and do they teach? Thanks Joe Z.

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Best painter is a personal opinion!

This response submitted by I have seen a lot of them on 4/22/05 at 8:31 PM. ( )

The world record reproduction is not painted very well. That shows what an opinion is worth.

Your best bet is to take lots of pictures, good clear unshaded pictures, full length and lots of closeups.

In the closeups use a photographic gray scale for accurate tint and color adjustment. It will drive the Wal Mart photo people nuts.

You will see under extreme closeup each scale has several colors, I have yet to be able to reproduce it and have not seen the detailed paint job replicate the real thing.

You can buy the Fish painting book by Ron Renyolds and the color charts from WASCO.

Ron Renyolds has some of the best replica fish available.

You also by no realize that Browns come in many color ranges all from the same stream. If no visit Lake Taneycomo near Branson MO.

Males have different colors and textures than females.

The latest issue of Breakthrough has some great photos of live swimming browns. You will also see that underwater fish look different also.

Richard Krane in New Hampshire is the best I have seen bar none. If you are going to spend the money to learn to paint browns, go see Richard!

west michigan artist

This response submitted by terry w on 4/22/05 at 10:35 PM. ( weickstaxidermy@charter.net )

You might check with Paul Borkowski about a day in the shop.Paul has won with many Stream Browns in the State and Nationals. He is a sure bet to learn some new ideas and refresh the old. Contact me for email address.

Brown trout painter

This response submitted by Joe Z on 4/24/05 at 4:11 PM. ( gonewest@wowway.com )

Thanks for the responses. Where or how can I reach this Richard Krane. Does he have a web site or can you email me his email or address. Also I would like to get ahold of Paul Borkowski can I get his Email. Thank guys Joe.

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