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trying out paints what color yellow was that you put over the gold.looking in the WASCO book there is a lot of yellows.you have a number for the colors.thanks

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Not Cecil

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I use
FP141 Yellow Ochre 54.95 18.95 11.95 6.95 4.95 2.49

But I use clear to make it a semi transparent. 1 part 141 to 10 parts clear. This way you dont over do it with the yellow.

As you gain experience you can adjust your color. This with the green will give you the bright yellow many bass have.

to get

This response submitted by olman on 4/24/05 at 6:48 PM. ( )

sorry putting gold down to get green.trying to get a green bass color


This response submitted by Cecil - Baird Fish Taxidermy and Fish Farm on 4/24/05 at 9:08 PM. ( jjbaird@ligtel.com )

I use Lifetone's Bright Yellow. Don't know what the number is off the bat but there is only one Bright Yellow. I used to use Candy Bright Yellow but had problems with it disentigrating in the Gloss coat. I've found if I just go easy with the Bright Yellow I can achieve the same effect.

Feel free to email me also.

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