Top coat?

Submitted by Joey Arender on 11/1/05 at 11:07 PM. ( )

Cecil, said I should ask here as he was unsure. so i copied the email i sent him. one note about the crappie is, since I had to leave earlier then planned we hurried the drying up with the use of a fan so I could paint it before I left and it was mounted using the half cast.
Re: top coat?


On the crappie I painted there I noticed while dusting the other day it was cracking and when I touched it, it flaked off, it had bonded to the paint but not the fish. I can just peel it right off. I suspected that the fish filler had not completely dried prior to painting it. Then while in my sons room yesterday I checked his bass that I mounted and finished here and noticed the fins are cracking, when i questioned him it was apparent that he had not messed with the fins any, and I thought that the fin cream that I had used on it was the main cause. That was until this mourning and I slightly bent the fin of the bass that I had painted there and saw a hair line crack start to form ruling out the fin cream and him not messing with his. I know not to flex the fins but the amount of pressure that I placed on the fin was about the same as one would have if bumped into at a customers house. What's your thoughts? the first lifetone 400 that i bought had to be replaced due to one side being jelled up but the replacement seemed to be fine and I mixed them according to weight to make sure of the 50/50 ratio.
Thanks Joey Arender

a note about the weight, I wanted to make sure of the pour into my unmarked cups and they where about the same.

I am trying to figure out if it is me or the lifetone x400 is just not that good a product, Don't get me wrong It looks good but these fish have only been coated since july. I can only find in the archives where two guys have said anything about using it and one of them was in 2000. once again I know that fins should not be bent. I just can't help it, I'm new to this and hardheaded.

Thanks for takig the time to read this and for any help if you offer.

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It's too hard and brittle...

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That's one of the reasons i use Triple Thick. It's softer and gives. It can be a drawback as well, but in this scenario it is a plus...

Top coat?

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Joey, What did you use to as a sealer before you painted your fish? I always wipe my fish (skin mounts)down with lacquer thinner before painting to remove any oils that may have remained on the fish throughout the mounting process or raise to the surface while drying.

Gary Bowen Super Fish sealer

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that was my thought too but Cecil assured me we did not skip this step. In another email. He hit on somethings that could cause it but I don't think they did. All the fish that have been done regardless of the other steps had the LT x400 in common. Using The Gary bowen super fish Gloss on some others done more recent have no problems and the fins remain flexible. i just have to apply more coats, therefore I don't think a aersol is cost effective. I can only get four 5-8 lb bass per can, where as I did 8 fish total with the LT 400 and still could get 7-8 more using the pint.

I think I just answered my own Question

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when I reread the one about the fish sealer. Is there a one part top coat that would give the same results as a aerosol? Even if I had to put 4 or more coats on, that would still have to be cheaper in the long run. It is probably my mixing or reading instruction habits causing my problems. I tried wet look gloss but wanted something easier then 7:1, I guess I can go back to that, if I can't find a one part to do the job.

Thanks Marty,

This response submitted by JoeyArender on 11/2/05 at 12:43 PM. ( )

Kinda thought That. I know that automotive topcoats use to need a rubberized catalist(sp) of some sort added to them or at least I think, and they may still do. I guess the same would apply here.

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