taimen replicas

Submitted by billfur on 11/10/05 at 8:47 PM. ( )

is there any companies making taimen and lenok replicas, have to have replicas because all of the mongolian guides have a no kill rule, so i cant do skin mounts or castings, any help would be kool, thanks

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Steelhead or silver salmon and Apoxie Sculpt

This response submitted by Rorie on 11/11/05 at 8:27 AM. ( )

Since noone answered this I think, I will try.

I would take a Steelhead replica and work the head over using Apoxie Sculpt. The head looks like you need to remove the Mandable(sp) and build it up. Build the lower jaw up to look like a largemouth bass.
I could not see the fins, but the colors all look dark kind of rainbow trout and brown trout mixed.

I did the google thing and here are the links.



the next link is long.





head shot of live fish



The salmon guys on here can possibly give you a better reproduction idea on which one to use. Remodeling the head seems to be the big problem.


Paul P

This response submitted by info@fintastic.com on 11/12/05 at 10:14 PM. ( We do )

We have 2, both 51". One is a very heavy Male, 27" girth, weighed 65#, other is a light weight, 20.5" girth, weighed in at 47#

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