Polytranspar Gloss making paint pucker and wrinkle

Submitted by Dan Welch on 11/15/05 at 3:03 PM. ( danw@owl-inc.com )

I just finished my first fiberglass fish replica using Polytranspar lacquer paints. I applied the last color and waited 3 hours before applying the first coat of FP240 wet look gloss. I applied a tack coat and after 4 minutes sprayed a wet coat over the whole fish. After the fish sat for a few minutes I was suprised to see several areas where the underlying paint was beginning to pucker and wrinkle forming little branching ridges and dulling the color. After a few hours I applied a second coat and noticed the same thing happening again in more areas. It was very disapointing to have all of the work ruined by adding the gloss. I'd like to find out what caused this before I gloss my next fish. Does anyone know what would cause this. I had cleaned the fish with Comet and used sealer and fiberglass primer before painting the fish.



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haven't heard of any other problems but...

This response submitted by Rick Carter on 11/16/05 at 1:06 PM. ( )

It sounds like a compatability problem between the primer, sealer, and lacquer paint. The solvents in the heavy lacquer gloss are penetrating through to the primer or sealer. When the lacquer then dries faster than the primer it causes the top layer to shrink and pull away. Please call me with specifics on the brands of primer and sealer you used. Sorry you are experiencing problems. Maybe we can figure it out. 1 800 334 8012

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