fish smell

Submitted by jim j on 11/22/05 at 12:07 PM. ( )

after mounting a brook trout, i get a fish smell, it was properly skinned and soaked in borax, zinc sulfate, salt glicerine,nbku.first i soaked it in eliminator for 1 hr. what can i do now?

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put a fan on it

This response submitted by DaveT on 11/22/05 at 12:18 PM. ( )

The smell, if it is properly fleshed, will disipate in a day or so.


A question for you jim

This response submitted by Rick Krane on 11/22/05 at 12:26 PM. ( )

Hey Jim,

Dave's advice is sound I just thought I would ask another question. Did you use the real head or the real fins? If so did you clean out the head and realty get in to the fin roots?

I thought I would ask because this method certainly can and does cause a bit of an odor problem.

I don't know if this is your situation however I HIGHLKY recommend that you use a cast head and remove the fins at the very least to assure that they are cleaned out and free of any suspect tissue.

If you did all of the steps to assure that your Brookie is good then as Dave said a fan should do the trick in a day or two.

My Best!

Rick Krane
Anglers Artistry

cast head

This response submitted by jim j on 11/22/05 at 3:45 PM. ( )

thanks for the response rick i cast the head myself and skin fins to the bone .was taught at pa. inst. not sure why the smell is there havn't had that trouble in the past?

Under the Gill plate .

This response submitted by Buck on 11/22/05 at 4:12 PM. ( )

Maybe at the base where you attached the cast head, must be a bit of flesh there or neat it, Hair dryer works good,* too hot is bad,(med)> when it gets a bit hot ,the oil comes out . I use thinner to wipe down evvery now and then, I clamp the dryer in a vise, that way I can move it to where I want the warm air to go. *2 Ft away,should work, watch the fins that they don't stick to your fin backing, if so, you can rub beeswax on the cardboard, the fins won't stick to the cardboard,and comes off real fast with no tearing, when you got the hair dryer on and it's a bit warm,thats when I pull Pins.

I prefer to cut the gill girdle bones out

This response submitted by Cecil on 11/24/05 at 11:35 AM. ( )

and sculpt them back in if necessary. If it has any grease potential its history in my book.

But sometimes you get a fish smell no matter what especially on the bigger fish. The fan is the way to go!

Cecil, Do you use heat ?

This response submitted by Buck on 11/25/05 at 11:31 AM. ( )

I do it with heat,-Air combo, Wipe-Dry-Heat 2-3 times as above . do you also ,Heat them up a bit !

Never tried it.

This response submitted by Cecil on 11/25/05 at 10:04 PM. ( )

I guess I just feel safer just removing a greasy bone all together. It doesn't take much to sculpt it back in with Apoxie Sculpt. Do you use the read heads?

most of the Euro guys insist on the real head!

This response submitted by Buck on 12/1/05 at 2:02 PM. ( )

Can't get around it,got to use the real thing,..or whats left of it after I cut the crap out of it then fill-fill-fill. ect..Buck...

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