glossing between coats

Submitted by scottz on 12/1/05 at 10:05 AM. ( )

If you gloss between paints, how long do you wait before you paint next color? Thanks, Scott

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This response submitted by Joe V on 12/1/05 at 11:26 AM. ( )

I gloss between coats usually and I don't wait more than a couple of min. Now if you put a heck of a layer of gloss on that thing you might have to wait a long time even over night. You also need to watch using water based paints and acrylic gloss. Water and acrylic don't mix well if the gloss is still wet. To sum it up I would go easy with the gloss and if you hold the fish in your hand while you paint be careful not to leave a fingerprint in the fresh gloss. I use water based paint and acrylic gloss and never had a problem yet with it.

Good Luck.

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