Cecil.. any fish guru's.

Submitted by sam from oz. on 12/1/05 at 6:06 PM. ( queenof250@msn.com )

I was looking for fish paint schedules and i was just wondering if this fish is the same as your 'yellow' perch. We call it english perch or red fin and its almost the same just mostly greener. http://www.coarsefishing.ws/perchace.jpg

Also, we have a fish called 'snapper'. They are somewhat similar to your 'paler' red snapper in colour. Would a red snapper schedule be a good rough guide for buying paints?http://www.whyalla.com/webdata/resources/photogallery/100_0799.JPG

Are the WASCO schedules 'the' ones to get? I am just after the perch and the red if useable.

Thanks, samantha.

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The first one is the European Perch

This response submitted by Cecil on 12/1/05 at 8:54 PM. ( )

Perca fluviatilis vs. our Yellow Perch Perca flavescens. They are very similar and closely related but not the same fish. Your European perch gets larger than ours too.

I've got a Yellow Perch schedule I can send you that would be close enough if you want.

I'm not that up on saltwater fish being in Indiana.

Yes please cecil.

This response submitted by samantha on 12/1/05 at 10:39 PM. ( )

Thanks cecil.

Send me an email Samantha

This response submitted by Cecil on 12/1/05 at 10:55 PM. ( jjbaird@ligtel.com )

Unless you want to post yours here.

Hey Cecil

This response submitted by Joey Arender on 12/2/05 at 1:28 AM. ( )

She did you goof. Look at her first post. Sorry could not help myself

I think..

This response submitted by Peter Span on 12/2/05 at 2:57 AM. ( )

it would be wise to use extra reference material of European perch when using a yellow perch paint scedule, because they do differ. Make sure that the orange in the fins is more reddish in european perch. Also, the third band on the side excists of two bands above the sideline, which come together to form one band. The european is also a bit more greenish, but the color is very variable depending on the water they come from. Good luck!



This response submitted by samantha on 12/2/05 at 4:50 AM. ( )

Thanks everyone who emailed :-)

Good advice peter thanks. I did notice a slight difference but being relatively new to fish painting, (with desire anyway), I thought a rough schedule would help me with paint selections.
I would be ok to use a yellow perch manikin though, i presume?
I'm not doing fish commercially - just hubby's;-)

Now i'm off to check out the water based v's lacquer debate in the archs - again!
Thanks again.


This response submitted by DaveT on 12/2/05 at 7:45 AM. ( )

I am going to give you a tip to help you with your painting.

Gat a piece of plywood. Cut the skin off the sides of fish you have (from fishing trips. Nail them to the board (tack all the way around them, then spray them with some sealer. Now you have some skins to practice on. I still use mine when I want to try something new. I try it on the dried skin to see if the effect is what I was looking for.

Just a thought to help you learn and develop your own paint schedules.


Europen perch dont varie anymore than American perch

This response submitted by Rorie on 12/3/05 at 1:13 AM. ( )

I had the chance to fish in Europe this last summer. I gotta tell ya, ZERO DIFF in colors. Nothing different.

Smae river same spot you may find one fish bright and red fins the next dull with yellow fins.

Never never set s standard or believe that Bullcrap.

Each fish in an individual, the colors will be different from fish to fish.

Zander- walleye, hecht-Northen pike too, even the largemouth bass at Zaragossa Spain are just like the ones in the states.

Was in Argentina for 3 years, those brown trout are not any different that the one I have caught in Michigan.

Same colors all sjades of the same colors.

Red Snapper - same in the Gulf of Mexico as in the Indian Ocean
Oil riggs, best thing ever happened to Gulf fishing!

Redfish, same darn thing.

I need to mention the smallmouth bass of the Rhien River, they too fall within the "COLOR BALLPARK"

Every species has a range of colors and off the same habitat you can find all color shaeds of the same breed of fish.

Get over this thing that IL largemouth are different colored than Michigan largemouth bass.


Peter Span, Das Is Rictig ! Sie haben Es !

This response submitted by Buck In Germany on 12/3/05 at 12:16 PM. ( michael.rodgers@web.de )

Peter Span,Bingo! I mount 100's of them,Peter has got it close ! They go from Gold, to Emrld-Green on the back, the 3Rd stripe on the back splits to a Y and is black, most (99%) over here can be used with the same Bass Green , I put a bit of light Gold on the under- side to give it that Yellow Perch look ! but don't you take pictures of them before you put them in the freezer ? If not,you should. Buck...


This response submitted by samantha on 12/3/05 at 3:47 PM. ( )

Good tip Dave. Thanks rorie.
Very much appreciated.

Thank you guys.


This response submitted by Peter Span on 12/5/05 at 3:15 AM. ( )

I live in the Netherlands, I' ve cought 1000' s of European perch and I' ve seen dozens of pictures of yellow perch and I tell you, they are different. I' ve never seen any E. perch with fins as pale as any yellows and the golden color on the sides of yellow perch does not occur in E. perch. You are right about all individuals being different, E. perch from algae-rich green water are much lighter in color than fish from clear waters, but they always have a mud-green colorarion on their sides. They are two different species and you can tell it.


They are different in colour

This response submitted by fisherman from scandinavia on 12/6/05 at 5:34 AM. ( )

Peter, I agree! Look here and found differences: http://www.jjphoto.dk/introa-fish.htm


This response submitted by M.T. on 12/7/05 at 5:52 PM. ( )

You can catch five brookies out of the same hole and there may not be two alike. Same with all trout. Same with smallies out of the local rivers. Most ice-out yellow perch here in Michigan have blood red pelvic fins, the same fins are orange in December but blood red in October! Makes no sense. Everyone knows that any fish will turn different colors under stressful conditions. I'd would say if the shape of the E perch is the same as our yellow perch, other than size, they've gotta be about the same. Most yellow perch have 7 vertical bars. I have seen perch with up to 11 bars, and I've also seen vertical bars split into two stripes .

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