Submitted by AUGIE on 12/4/05 at 8:04 AM. ( )

i am thinking of building a 24"x30"x6'tall aquarium for the den in my home, will something like this work? i have never had an aquarium or any kind of fish but i would like to try and i think my children and grandchildren would enjoy it. i dont have a lot of money so i'm checking around before i jump into a project like this. any help would be apreciated.

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Did you have in mind to put water in this?

This response submitted by Glen Conley on 12/4/05 at 8:35 AM. ( )

Not a lot of money, huh? I would have to think that you can BUY a really nice set-up for less than the cost of the plate glass that it would take to hold up to the water pressures, the same pressures that would require one heck of an air pump to aerate. How would you reach the bottom of the tank?

My calculator just told me that you would be in the ball park of 900 pounds with your proposed. Wood floors, concrete slab?

Regardless, a 24" x 30" base is not much of a base of support for what you described.

Nothing is impossible. Some things are just more improbable than others.

you can try this link....

This response submitted by Griz on 12/4/05 at 10:06 AM. ( )

they have a 72x24x24 for 825 but store pick up only, and they're in east tennesee. Where are you located? I would really try to find a good aquarium store locally and visit it. Otherwise you can find alot on google. It will be alot of work, and having a leaky aquarium in your den will take the fun right out of it. It would be hard to learn your lessons from something like this. It would be like practicing surgery on your dog.... why would you if there is a perfectly good vet who KNOWS exactly what he is doing. I am sure you want to do alot of it yourself so you can be proud of it, but that is where setup and maintenance and managing the tank comes in to play. Glen is our resident science genious and I would do like he says and buy somethin'. :-) ...from a good aquarium store.

O Boy ! have you got flood insurance ?

This response submitted by Buck- Black Forest Glass Eyes on 12/4/05 at 10:07 AM. ( )

You need double pannel Glass with (Safety) plastic layered between the layers, St.Gobain makes the stuff,I don't recall the brand name; St.Gobain 14mm X2 26-28mm Thick. The Bank has one about that size,I'll ask on Mon ,when I go there anyway. Buck...

Have you considered....

This response submitted by Marc on 12/4/05 at 12:43 PM. ( )

the eye apeal of a tank with those measurements? Though you have not stated what types of species will inhabit the tank, fish like to swim left to right or right to left in aquariums. Fish swimming in a tank of these demensions usually swim up and down more than anything which in my opinion, is VERY unapealing and un-natural as well. They look as if they're trapped and trying to escape. Go to your local aqurium shop and see a tall tank vs long tank which are up and running. You'll see what I mean. Even if you set up a tank like the one you described(which may not be stable due to the height ratio X length and width), how are you going to deal with it on a maintenance level? Sounds like it could be a nightmare to decorate, clean and catch fish from when needed. I have a friend who built an awesome aquarium into one whole wall of his basement, when they built a new home. Basically a huge plate glass wall infront of a sculpted foundation wall(sounds like something Cecil Baird would have,hahaha)Anyway, He got great advice from the S.H.E.D.aquarium in Chicago) They are the people who could answer all you need to know.Good luck!

With that much weight...

This response submitted by marty on 12/4/05 at 7:10 PM. ( )

...and a 24x36 width and depth dimension, stability will not be an issue. That thing is going to weigh at least 900 pounds as Glen said. I wouldn't trust anything that was made other than by a professional. If one of your calcs are off, you're talking a 100+ gallons of water (plus a bunch of other stuff) imploding onto your floor. As far as being too tight and vertical movement, you would have to put smaller fish in it for them to be comfy. (You could probably put a heck of a lot of them small ones though - lol!)

This job isn't too practical to begin with. And, it certainly isn't a job for a beginner. Also, don't forget beyond the initial cost of the aquarium (~$1000). With fish, filters, top, lighting, pumps, etc. you'd probably have another $800+ bucks into it as well...

Actually, the more I think about it...

This response submitted by marty on 12/4/05 at 7:13 PM. ( )

I don't think it's possible to do w/o some special materials and added support. I use to be a Structural Designer for 15 years. I don't my engineers to run the load calcs, but I'll bet those side to side loads would be quite high. You would need support on all 4 corners obviously along with it being tied into some structural support on the top and bottom. If you have visions of this thing being pretty much all glass, it ain't gonna happen...

the klingons....

This response submitted by terryr on 12/5/05 at 12:56 AM. ( )

have an aluminum impregnated type glass that might work for this job - beam 'em up scottie

Very expensive,

This response submitted by Becky P on 12/5/05 at 2:34 PM. ( )

because it would have to be custom built. Also that's not very much surface area for air circulation. You would have to have one helluva pump, more expense.
Go to your local fish store and talk to them. They can special order just about anything. And since you've never had an aquarium before, I think you need a lot more info. Start with something a bit smaller. Try a 55 gallon, not that expensive and makes a nice display. BP


This response submitted by AUGIE on 12/26/05 at 3:48 PM. ( )

thank all of you very much you saved me alot of trouble even though i feel pretty stupid now. i will take your advice and contact a local fish store before i do anything else. i wish all of you happy holidays.

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