Follow up for Cecil

Submitted by Bob on 12/6/05 at 8:49 PM. ( )

I am the one that asked about the extremely light weight sculp epox it is sold in Van Dykes catalog. Just trying to find best product.
One thing I have noticed on this forum if you ask a bunch of simple people a simple question you will get simple answers.

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Simple people

This response submitted by Jeff S. on 12/6/05 at 9:28 PM. ( )

Yes Bob we are taxidermists and as you all know, we are simple people and simple minded. You can't ask us anything too complicated or it goes right over our heads. Huh

Simply Put Bob!

This response submitted by marty on 12/6/05 at 9:51 PM. ( )

I'm still trying to figure out the purpose of it. It's got to have a purpose if the supply companies have it right?

I meant no disrespect Bob

This response submitted by Cecil on 12/6/05 at 10:21 PM. ( )

Seriously wanted to know more about the product and thought finding out who sold it would help.

That said I digressed to having a little fun with Marty and things got out of hand. It wasn't you.

I'm a simple person.......

This response submitted by Jeff F. on 12/7/05 at 1:32 AM. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )

but I can spell "tried". Guess I must be moving up the food chain. Please do give your review of the product you inquired upon. Peace.

It's like this

This response submitted by Brian on 12/7/05 at 11:26 AM. ( )

Bob, I'm not a taxidermist and mount fish as a hobby, so I am no authority. You describe the people that responded to your question as "simple". In the short time I have infrequently posted on this site, I have come to find out the Cecil, Marty, and Jeff F are probably in the top percentage of their profession. I am in the top percentage in my profession. I'm not sure what you are trying to gain from calling us "simple". This site is known for being very informative, political at times, and good for a laugh. When you post a question you take all that in account. My response was actually not directed at you but to Cecil. Take the advice you DO get and feel privileged. On the flip side, enjoy a laugh when it's out there. But really, Bob, if the question was so "simple" why didn't YOU know the answer. I can tell you of the fish I have mounted, the regular Apoxie Sculp works great and feathers nice. I don't need to buy anything else even if it's lighter.

A use....

This response submitted by Rich B. (anglingartisan) on 12/7/05 at 12:21 PM. ( )

Not sure about all the fuss, but I can think of a use for it. If you are still using real heads on Trout and Salmon, considering how much of it you would have to use to re-build shrinkage areas. I think it would be of benefit to have the lightest weight material you could possibly get, so that the fish will hang level on the wall.

I'm the smart-aleck here...

This response submitted by marty on 12/7/05 at 12:53 PM. ( )

...I admit it, I'm guilty. I just thought it was cute, sarcastic comment. Sorry, I didn't think my comment would get folks "panties in a bunch" (thanks Leanna for that one!)

Bob, I'm just REALLY, truly curious what you would need this stuff for. I don't see a need for it even on Rich's above example (even though most use an artiicial head). I sometimes sculpt in the total mouth detail on bigger fish if I'm too cheap to buy the mouth insert and I still don't think we're talking a huge difference in weight here. Plus, it doesn't matter if a fish/replica weighs (eg.) 5% or 10% more. So again, please help my brain visualize a purpose for this stuff (Not trying to be a smart-aleck, I'm curious!)

Brian, thanks for the compliment but boy do I have you snowed! I'm just a simply "nobody" in this business trying to get by...

I am the walrus...

This response submitted by Cecil on 12/7/05 at 4:37 PM. ( )


Hmmmm Cecil

This response submitted by George on 12/7/05 at 7:08 PM. ( )

That's funny. I had only a portion of another animals anatomy pegged for you.

And it wasn't a "weenie".

Not much of a Beatles fan eh George?

This response submitted by Cecil on 12/7/05 at 11:24 PM. ( )



This response submitted by Jeff F. on 12/9/05 at 12:10 AM. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )

Thank you for your kind words but I must clarify something to make myself feel better. I am nowhere near the the top percentile in my profession. Though I have happy customers and I take pride in my work, I simply cannot live up to that description. There are some INCREDIBLE fish artists out there. Thats not to say that I don't work to achieve such notability in the future. Peace. Jeff F.

Koo-koo-Ka-Choo Cecil...

This response submitted by marty on 12/9/05 at 9:52 AM. ( )

...I am the Eggman... (what in the heck do those lyrics mean?)

Who knows?

This response submitted by Cecil on 12/9/05 at 10:01 PM. ( )

Maybe we should simply realize that musicians write some of this stuff when they are higher than a kite.

Never did Like McCartney's lyrics. To damn whimsical. Sgt.Major's daughter? Say what?

Now Lennon was a different story. He also wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth like McCartney. As you probably know Lennon's mother had to send him off to be raised by a relative because she had no money. His mother was murdered while he was away. Sad but true.

God what a genius he was. And then some fing idiot shoots him.

Sorry for going off on a tanget. It's been a weird day. Even the dog's acting weird today.

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