Great Lakes Fish Reference

Submitted by Todd on 12/8/05 at 1:34 PM. ( )

I recently purchased reference pictures from some of the suppliers, and man what a piece of crap these are. The sun or flash whited out the entire side and all the details of the fish. I really didn't need the same pic 3 times either. I'm looking for summer run chinook (king), Browns, and steelhead all Great Lakes summer phase fish. If anyone has any they could email me or tell me where to purchase I would really appreciate it. thanks Todd

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This response submitted by Mark on 12/8/05 at 4:44 PM. ( )

You have mail.

I don't know if it's the same one

This response submitted by Cecil on 12/8/05 at 5:59 PM. ( )

but I got pics from one and they didn't even have the species right. Sad. Anymore I take my own.

Lake Ontario Fish

This response submitted by Werner Stenger (Popeye) on 12/12/05 at 12:57 PM. ( )

I sent you some pics of Lake Ontario Spring fish.

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