cleaing airbrush between colors

Submitted by David on 12/14/05 at 11:41 AM. ( )

What is the best adn quickest way to clean out the airbrush between colors? Using water based paints. Is running warm water through it enought to get the old color out? Thanks!

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I like...............

This response submitted by Paul B on 12/14/05 at 12:20 PM. ( )

to add some ammonia to the water (in a bottle), and flush with that. Seems to work better than straight H2O.

I use...

This response submitted by marty on 12/14/05 at 1:09 PM. ( )

...just regular tap water for the intial flushings. Then Windex and then I'll do one last rinsing with water. Sometimes the acetone comes out if the Windex doesn't clear things...

squirt bottle

This response submitted by todd on 12/14/05 at 1:11 PM. ( )

order c-800 cleaner from wildlife colors, then mix 1 part water, 1 part c-800 cleaner, and 1 part windex. squirt a little in and blow out. works great.

I assumed...

This response submitted by marty on 12/14/05 at 3:08 PM. ( )'re using a squirt bottle? You need that small tip to gain some psi deep down in the cup. Paul's amonia is basically performing the same function as Windex - which is amonia based, but I'll bet it's a bit cheaper than Windex...


This response submitted by David on 12/14/05 at 3:15 PM. ( )

I was going to put the mixture in a spare bottle and blow some out. I can purchase the squirt bottle, but do you put the end in where the bottle goes?

Oops, sorry...

This response submitted by marty on 12/14/05 at 4:10 PM. ( )

...just assumed you were using the open cup. I'm not even sure if there's any special device to clean the bottles. I have three of them and they've been soaking in acetone for about 5 years now! Once you get use to the open cup, you will never want to use those bottles again. It's taking you probably ten times as long to clean those bottles than if you were to use an open cup. Just my opinion...


This response submitted by Jennifer on 12/14/05 at 8:55 PM. ( )

Put the squirt bottle tip where the paint bottle goes and squirt windex through while you are spraying out air. It flushes it out fine. I prefer water based paint becasue of the quick clean up.

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