where to get triple-thick glase

Submitted by I get it at Kmarts on 12/30/05 at 5:24 PM. ( )

I get it at Kmarts it seems to work fine on unfinished wood but don't put it on poly finishes it causes them to wrinkle.

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I can't help myself

This response submitted by JoeyArender on 12/30/05 at 6:13 PM. ( J32a@aol.com )

And I am not one who skips post. I am not one who has anything better to do. and Mr I get it at Kmarts you asked and answered your own question you just spelled glaze wrong thats all. I am not correcting your spelling I can't even correct mine at times. I just thought I would be the resident Ahole tonite. In this post. I just don't understand your question. Maybe Cecil or Marty can help you. cecil uses a better product then triple thick so good luck with him.


This response submitted by Justin on 12/30/05 at 6:39 PM. ( )

Matuska Taxidermy sells it !


This response submitted by Crusty on 12/30/05 at 8:05 PM. ( )

I think this person is just saying where to get it. A week or 2 ago somebody asked where to find it, as their source dried up.... I won't go into your spelling.....

Try Epo-Grips top coat finsh!

This response submitted by Rick Krane on 12/30/05 at 8:25 PM. ( rmkinc@msn.com )

It is a product where you brush it on after you put a top coat seal. WOW what a gloss loom. I don't recommend product as you know however if it works better then expected with constant results I have to pass on good information.

My Best.

Rick Krane
Anglers Artistry
312 Chesterfield Rd
Hinsdale, NH 03451

Thanks For that Mr Krane

This response submitted by Joey Arender on 12/30/05 at 9:15 PM. ( )

I was thinking about ordering some to try.


You don't have to, and did you not see I said I wasn't correcting his... I can't even correct mine. Then again, where I am from most sentences started with "where" are questions, now had it been Here is where to.... I would have read it as a statement. sorry I got mislead. Then again Kmart was in the answers the other day so what was the point except to tell us it works on wood and wrinkles under poly


This response submitted by Crusty on 12/30/05 at 9:42 PM. ( )

Joey, just giving you a bad time. If you're going to be "George Jr.", you're gonne need thick skin. Everyone have a great New Years weekend!

I know crusty I have spent the day

This response submitted by Joey Arender on 12/30/05 at 10:41 PM. ( )

In the archives and came out raw... Later watch it I don't need to be george jr there is enough of them around right..

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