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Submitted by dan on 12/30/05 at 8:15 PM. ( )

I'd like to comment on everybody gettin pissed off because someone asks a question on this forum. The first thing somebody does is writes "check the search button" ony 90% of the time you guys are very rude when you say it. While the search is useful it is also ineffective. You guys ramble on too much about other stuff so it takes way too long to read each post trying to get the actual response to the question. I get frustrated so much that eventually i slam a beer and go to bed, still not gaining any info. You old timers got to realize that there's new taxidermists coming to this site daily with new insite so let them have the chance to answer questions. If you feel you have answered the question a million times, just dont post anything. Some of you guys are down right nasty in your responses. But at any rate my question is, every mount i have ever seen , where the fish has teeth, the taxidermist always paints them white. I am wondering is their a particular reason for this? I am a very active sportsman and catch on average 200 walleye a year and aproximately 100 northern and muskie, and the common thing on all their teeth is that the base is whitish, but the tips are almost clear. Does painting them help preserve them or are taxidermists just too lazy to tape off the teeth before they paint the insides of the mouth that hideous and fake looking white ? Oh by the way I did not check the archives first. OMG shoot me! lol

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You answered your own question Dan...

This response submitted by marty on 12/30/05 at 8:30 PM. ( )

I try my best not to hit the teeth when I'm spraying white inside the mouth. But, sometimes they do get hit. And in commercial taxidermy it's simply not practical to "tape them off" or use other methods to create more realistic teeth. It's because in commercial taxidermy every taxidermist draws the line somewhere. And this is one area imho that usually goes the wayside. Most taxidermists have bigger problems than white teeth in their fish mounts.

Now, on repros I do the teeth last, after I paint the fish. Using resin and cabosil is by far the best method to create realistic looking teeth quickly. (All the pre-made jar tooth making stuff is garbage imho.)

Lastly Dan, I don't want you to take this as snotty, but new taxidermists coming to this sight "offering insight" is a bunch of hogwash! There is NOTHING you guys can come up with that hasn't already been done or is going to benefit US. It is the beginners that have EVERYTHING to gain here, not us. So, my suggestion would be to don't take things personally and grow a little thicker skin. We mean no harm...


This response submitted by Monty on 12/30/05 at 8:32 PM. ( )

you are right. The tips are translucent to an extent. When you reproduce teeth, you can achieve this effect by doing the very tips with a clear silicone. I would think you could on the real thing, but you would have to be careful not to overdo them lengthwise.

Hear hear Marty

This response submitted by George on 12/30/05 at 8:42 PM. ( )

The part I dearly loved with his attempt at victimization by us treating him snotty. I especially loved "it takes way too long to read each post trying to get the actual response to the question". Well EXCUSE ME? Just how the hell long do you think it took ME TO LEARN WHAT YOU'RE BEING GIVEN FREE? You could always resort to that, you know. Next time you want to be smart in how you're answered, remember, I DON'T NEED TO LEARN HOW TO DO IT --- YOU DO!

ah never mind

This response submitted by jason on 12/30/05 at 9:02 PM. ( )


Thanks George

This response submitted by Dan on 12/30/05 at 9:37 PM. ( )

Thanks George for your insight to my question....Not! I guess I will succomb to the website and ramble on and on too. I am new to taxidermy and honestly this site has taught me alot for free. The problem is, you can be such an jerk and I knew you would respond this way that's why I wrote it, thanks for proving my point. What this site really needs is an ignore button for guys like you who have egos bigger than their talent levels.

Well, then I just made you happy then

This response submitted by George on 12/30/05 at 9:43 PM. ( )

Glad I could help you out there. But you never proved any point other than the one on top of your shoulders. It DOES have an ignore button. Look to that far right side and look for that scroll slide. If you have a real fancy mouse, there's a small wheel in the center of the two buttons that you can also scroll right on past. And YOU proved a point as well. Marty's posting shows people like you that I'm not the only one who feels that people like you with gasoline asses should get burned occasionally. Where's Marc? "Stupidity should hurt."

u guys win

This response submitted by Dan the beginner who doesnt know sh*t on 12/30/05 at 10:04 PM. ( )

You guys win, honestly thanks for the info, i have a new ? in the beginner section about your guy's websites, would appreciate a response the way George try viagara, might make you less cranky...lmao


This response submitted by DaveT on 12/30/05 at 10:25 PM. ( )

Perhaps you should roll your sleeves up and sit down one night and read the archives. For a beginner, that would serve you better then sitting here telling us how we should respond to you. Last time I checked we did not owe you anything.


Marty, George ,Dan

This response submitted by Joey Arender on 12/30/05 at 10:36 PM. ( )

This new guy Has something for ya.

Marty, just what is your problem. Maybe 90% of your customers don't care if their teeth are right, but I bet 10% do and would pay a lot more then $9 an inch if they were. yeah yeah there is a line everyone has to draw, but why cut someone if they seek a higher shelf? Let me ask you this, cause I know what you would say to a wall fish. If you had a customer wanting a two sided mount then how would you do your fish mouth, better or the same as a wall mount? Why are you stuck on "There is NOTHING you guys can come up with that hasn't already been done or is going to benefit US." You seem to be pretty closed minded for someone that likes to dish out information. Don't get me wrong I know you do good work but get off your high horse. I Think I read where you have some teaching degree? I guess you are one of those who thinks students can't teach teachers. Shame on you. I had better teachers then that....It may not show but I did...

George, you sure seem to be in and out of moods lately. I think your mind over the last few weeks has been more screwed up then mine. I respect you for what you have done and do here, but you seem to flip flop sometimes on some minor things. You also seem to be upset because us new guys, have got it so easy. Not the first time I seen that remark. I am glad it is easy, and that the research here is for free, as well as greatful it is both. I am sorry it was so hard for you to learn how to do Taxidermy and I only hope I have the respect from people you have when I am your age and 1/10th the knowledge. Maybe I am just too new to realize what the meanings to what yall are saying is, but I do know how Dan feels. Going through the archives gets me in a worst mood then anything. Can you tell where I have been. yeah I know no one is more hard headed than you. If you want me to check the archives about what I am referring to Just say the 3 words. Just remember this, I bet you are doing some things differantly then you were 6 years ago. In part, thanks to this site that has made it easier for us new guys..

I think you made some good points to me there is nothing wrong with wanting higher quality. I will just leave it at that. what's the point....


This response submitted by DaveT on 12/30/05 at 10:53 PM. ( )

How hard is it to use a search button. You guys are unreal, it really is not all that hard. I have a saying for both of you new guys "Don't sh*t where you eat." If you cannot interpret the meaning of that for yourselves, well then I guess you will have to check the archives.



This response submitted by joey on 12/30/05 at 11:04 PM. ( )

Trust me I know how easy it is to use, But have you just for the fun of it ever Typed in Check The Archives LOL or Look in the archives.

BTW Dave hope your honeymoon is a blast and you marrige last as good as mine has so far. Gatlinburg is going to be packed. which mainly means you want have to worry about the time share sales people. Have fun. You should have seen the traffic going that way today. whew

Forget what i said George and Marty

This response submitted by Joey on 12/30/05 at 11:20 PM. ( )

Yall have a good New years and be safe. I am headed out of town for a few days. I hear it now praise the lord. have fun what ever you do. See you in 2006

Uh Joey, you know what they say about glass houses?

This response submitted by George on 12/30/05 at 11:28 PM. ( )

Seems as if I recall a posting that you and your wife started a fire on here? How soon you forget. As I keep telling you guys, if you're a beginner, USE THAT CATEGORY and it can save you lots of jockey itch. And the LAST thing anyone wants to tell me is that "it takes too long to look it up". And as far as my mood swings? I don't have a bit of trouble getting along with me.

And Dan, Viagra ain't all it's cracked up to be. For those who don't need it, it makes a good story, but for those of us who do, it only gives you one helluva headache in the morning aside from making you $10 poorer.

George I checked one more time, the last

This response submitted by Joey Arender on 12/30/05 at 11:48 PM. ( )

I don't have a problem with ya. Sometimes I don't understand you but thats to be expected. And like I told someone in a private email my wife started that other thread due to all the repeat questions like the krowtann ones ( she knows where I spend all my time and nows whos here better then I do, If that makes sense) Just so she could get a laugh, after a rough day. I applogized to the person that matters and if he wants to do anything about removeing it, I asked him to. as far as this, thread Forget I said what I thought at the time, but after researching the archives all day I come out to this post. Regradless, The archives are tough, but they are worth being so. Really I wish you a happy and safe new year.

Oh what the heck

This response submitted by Cecil on 12/31/05 at 12:45 AM. ( )

Since we're all fighting like pit bulls I thought I would throw my two cents in. Here it is: The search button on this site is the most pathetic barebones search I have ever seen on any website. Hell it's just Google and not even the taxinet. It take forever to find something even it it comes up!

Oh heck while we're at it why are the options 1950's vintage technology too? How's that?

Yeah I know George it's free. Bite me. LMAO

Hey George! gasoline ass?

This response submitted by Marc on 12/31/05 at 10:12 AM. ( )

Now that is tooo funny. I deserve every harrassment and label I get on here and will roll with the punches to be part of what Cecil calls... this disfunctional family.I must say though,I have never heard the term ..gasoline ass, hahaha. Also, a note to Joey...I have never noticed George waffling in his temperament, infact, he will even tell you...He is the GRINCH. Live with it and learn from him.I have.

Actually Marc

This response submitted by Cecil on 12/31/05 at 1:42 PM. ( )

My favorite George quote is "Blow roses up your a$$". LOL

LOL Joey!

This response submitted by marty on 1/1/06 at 9:33 AM. ( )

Thanks for the first laugh of '06 for me! Ahhh, to be young, energetic and naive again. You missed my point, again. I'll try, again. All I was saying is that EVERY commercial taxidermist, whether it be fish, mammal, birds or reptiles HAS to make choices in what they deem quality work. And where they need to draw the line as to how far they push things AND to still be able to draw in customers. I don't have the 23 years of experience like Cecil does to warrant the higher prices, for now. Heck, I STARTED out $2-$3 an inch MORE than everybody around me! The hooks are in them now. Prices will be going up shortly.

You need to realize that doing good taxidermy is only 50% of the equation. There are MANY talented taxidermists out there that cannot survive the business end of things. It took me two years of racking up my credit cards to get things going before I started seeing some success.

Lastly, my point about newbies not offering me anything still stands. Other than perhaps a customer's (ignorant) perspective of things. First off, COMMERCIAL taxidermy is not rocket science. So, there's a fixed plateau that one can get to and not a whole heck of a lot higher. I can honestly say that in the 4 or 5 years I've been frequenting this website I may have learned one or three things from the very experienced regulars. And, absolutely nothing from the beginners. Been there, done that.

I still think you have a sore spot with me because I didn't sugar coat things, or "blow roses up your arse" when it came to critiquing your work. Your work is good enough to succeed in this business but you're going to have to learn a lot more about the business side of things to make it in this field IF that's what you choose to do. Especially if you're just specializing in fish because it really narrows your market. As I said before, time will tell in this area just keep your energy level up. And in ten years if and when you DO become successful, you can thank me for motivating you to do so...

Marty don't ever be worried about me again

This response submitted by Joey Arender on 1/1/06 at 6:53 PM. ( )

I have already thanked you for your opinions about the fish I asked for help on and I will not allow you to hold that over my head whenever I dissagree with you. Which I do often.. like I said in the email, my only problem with you is, you are closed minded and are wasting a wonderful talent I wish I had. Yall have fun here see ya!

Joey, ME - close-minded?

This response submitted by marty on 1/1/06 at 11:00 PM. ( )

Well no-crap! (LOL!)

I haven't read my email yet, I suppose I should!

Re-read your first paragraph again Joey. You're jamming me pretty good and quite frankly I don't think it was warranted. I was just stating what I believe to be a fact when it comes to what I get out of this website and beginners comments. Which is mostly entertainment value for me. No "high-horse" or anything like that. You're making WAY more out of it than it truly is.

Then you go ahead and start jamming me and my teaching ability. Well, I could be wrong but I have yet to receive any checks in the mail for my teaching advice. (But, I'll check my mail box in the morning!) A good teacher does indeed learn from his or her students. But not in the way you are making your sales pitch. Typically, the knowledge that is gained is more from a teaching perspective - we learn WHERE our audience (students) are at and re-adjust our teaching style to their needs. Not many teachers learn much (if anything) from their students when it comes to the subject they're teaching, especially beginners. For example, how much do you think a 3rd grade math teacher learns about MATH from their students? (See my point?)

Oh well, I guess I'll read your email now!

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