Anglers Artistry 2006

Submitted by Rick Krane on 12/31/05 at 2:43 PM. ( )

First off I wish you all a very prosperous and productive year to come. Stay healthy and keep those freezers empty.

I will be introducing a few new products / goodies this upcoming year that will be very different and helpful I hope.

I want to send a big thanks pout to all of you great folks who have been helping me with my product development and information. You are invaluable and this web site is the best thing to learning other then with me (LOL) kidding!

God Speed!

Rick Krane

Anglers Artistry
312 Chesterfield Rd
Hinsdale, NH 03451

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Hey Rick

This response submitted by Cecil on 12/31/05 at 4:36 PM. ( )

did you get that you know what done for you know who for you know what? Just wondering. No big deal.

Hey Cecil

This response submitted by Monty on 1/1/06 at 4:08 PM. ( )

Are you talking about that whatchamacallit for that one guy from the other place?


This response submitted by Cecil on 1/1/06 at 5:46 PM. ( )

If you are talking about the whactamcallit for the whoever from that whatever place... yeah. ;-)

Not the supplier whatamacallit though. It had something to do with Christmas.

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