Mounting a Gar

Submitted by joeym on 6/1/06 at 8:01 PM. ( )

Been cruising the archives...lots of info. Mention was made about using foam-fill insulation. The two-part foam I have in stock has gone bad. The last gar I mounted I used fish filler. This one is much larger (54" longnose). Would a plaster cast of the show side of the gar need to be made prior to using foam-fill. Has anyone out there tried this method? Would appreciate any suggestions

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This response submitted by Kim Collins on 6/1/06 at 10:20 PM. ( )

use the can foam for our gar. We clean the fish put in the fish tan. Then sew it up alittle at a time and start adding the foam as we sew.We then hang it by a hook in the ceiling from the head then with our hands shape the fish as the foam sets up. Hope this helps.

Kim Collins
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I've used fish filler

This response submitted by Cecil on 6/2/06 at 12:14 AM. ( )

On a 55 inch gar without a mold as a guide with no problems. The skin has such memory it retains its original shape well filling. It really wasn't that heavy either.

Kim, you can actually get a needle through that skin? I believe you but it seems like it would be hard to do. Maybe predrill the holes?

I also use fish filler

This response submitted by Chris on 6/2/06 at 9:52 AM. ( )

on Gar. As Cecil said the skin retains its shape after its skinned out. I use a small punch when sewing Gar. Works pretty good, but you have to be carefull not to rip the scale off taking the punch out.
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Why do you have to sew it?

This response submitted by Cecil on 6/2/06 at 4:05 PM. ( )

When I use Tom Sexton's Fish Filler that is available through WASCO it skins to the skin in the back and as long as I don't moved it after it sets up it stays there. I never sew any of my half cast fish.

You have to love me Cecil!

This response submitted by Dennis on 6/3/06 at 12:43 AM. ( )

Once again, the Fishmeister has nailed it. You do not need to sew these things (how can you?) I know there are thin spots between scales, but yikes, you do not have to. If you use fill, you can scape some out and add foam later. It can expand if added intially due to temp changes etc. and cause problems. Ask the replica guys who used to fill their fish with foam. Yes, a cast is a good idea.
For pedestal mounts, I do them over the top of the fish, since they are a bit of a trapezoid and the belly is wider than the top. Almost as easy to rescale belly as the back side...and it gives a true form of the fish...particularly if you do an S-curve pedestal mount which I like on gar.


This response submitted by joeym on 6/3/06 at 11:14 AM. ( )

Thanks for some great oldest son and I are going to put this thing back together tomorrow afternoon. He caught the gar on a set-hook in our front yard---the Chunky of the most scenic rivers in Mississippi!


This response submitted by Tim on 6/3/06 at 6:06 PM. ( )

I just finished a 5ft alligator gar, used blue foam.I Just used minimal expansion foam to attachd a half block to a full one and cut out with hotwire, carved and mounted. Guess I never thought of fish fill or any other way for that matter, Sounds messy though, ha ha. That is what I love about this forum, I never stop learning. For me this forum is priceless and I want to express my thanks to the veterans of this business/art for taking the time to asnwer questions and give advice. I have been doing fish for about five years and I just keep learning. To be honest, I have never asked a question on here, but it isn't because I don't have questions, I just usually find the answers I need in the archives and recent post. Thanks again to those who make this forum possible!

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