To make a point !

Submitted by Cecil on 6/10/06 at 11:32 PM. ( )

Quite a while back someone reamed a mount on my website I did of a state record musky because the top of the head didn't quite blend with the rest of the body. Well I'm here to tell you whoever you were they don't always blend! Here's a pic of a 55 inch Great Lakes Musky when it was alive I just completed. Notice how the top of the head doesn't blend with the back? The top of the head is somewhat greenish while the back is more brownish?

So there Mr. Know it All whoever you were! #$%^&*!

I tell you what. The more I observe live fish the more I realize I'm still learning. Anyone notice some fish even look like God got sloppy and oversprayed! I guess he has his bad days too. LOL

If anyone is interested I can post a link of the finished mount once the angler picks it up. I want to get a pick of him holding it to give it perspective as to its size.

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Cecil, why do you bother

This response submitted by George on 6/10/06 at 11:45 PM. ( )

I've seen your work and compared to mine, you're is exquisitely done. For the pencilpecker anonymous clowns here who use ficticious names or no names at all to condemn your work is only a sign of their own inefficiencies. The good thing about being "average" is that there's no way you can get sandbagged and no way these people can try to humiliate you. Nature is nowhere the perfectionists that some of these self appointed "judges" would have us believe.

Two things to remember, Cecil:
(1) Never sweat the small sh1t
(2) Everything is small sh1t.

Another point

This response submitted by Dan on 6/11/06 at 12:05 AM. ( )

I have seen very few fish or animals that were perfect, WHEN they were alive. All animals are just like humans, each has it's own flaws. It's us as taxidermists that make them "perfect". It's up to us as taxidermists to decide whether we want to do an actual mount of the animal or of a mount that a judge tells us it should look like. You're a great taxidermist Cecil, don't worry about what idiots say. You did your job, you recreated the fish as it actually looked. Good job!

we will always contest your politics, but...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 6/11/06 at 12:17 AM. ( )

I dont think you need to justify your quality of work with anyone I know. As far back as I can remember, I knew of you as a fish specialist.

Thanks George and Dan

This response submitted by Cecil on 6/11/06 at 12:20 AM. ( )

for the kind words. Not really upset just making a point.

I love it when people say "never" about nature. Nature doesn't always read our books I guess.

And Bill too

This response submitted by Cecil on 6/11/06 at 12:22 AM. ( )

You just beamed in from nowhere Bill! That was spooky!

Why in the heck did you put red paint on its side

This response submitted by Joey Arender on 6/11/06 at 2:49 AM. ( )

Couldn't help myself.

I know its not the mounted fish in that photo. I am just bored.

Take it up with the creator Joey

This response submitted by Cecil on 6/11/06 at 6:43 AM. ( )


Cecil makes a great point

This response submitted by Bill @ Hog Heaven on 6/11/06 at 7:19 AM. ( wthoghvn@yahoo )

about learning from live reference. To all the self appointed experts ; Without live reference you are just guessing!

right on

This response submitted by MarkV. on 6/12/06 at 5:58 PM. ( )

Boy thats a spotty one. Looks like its got some nice gashes in the side. Pictures are worth a thousand words. I think the musky on your website looks great and Im sure the client loved it,Mark

My limited understanding is

This response submitted by Cecil on 6/12/06 at 10:57 PM. ( )

The Great Lakes muskies are more spotted tha barred.

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