Wolf-eel / Cecil ?

Submitted by Dave on 6/12/06 at 6:40 PM. ( )

I took in a wolf-eel yesterday, that was cought in Alaska. I looked in the archives, and only found that someone has done them before, and that person was looking for a paint shedule for the mouth. I tryed to contact a taxedermy shop in Long Island, N.Y. (e-mail address came back as no good anymore) The post was back in Feb. of 1999.

Does anyone (Cecil your great help)have some info on how these creatures are mounted? It's my first one, and I'm going in on this sort of "blind" Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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This response submitted by Crusty on 6/12/06 at 7:50 PM. ( )

try calling an Alaskan taxidermist maybe? I've seen them done. Didn't pay any attention if they were real or repros.

question for cecil

This response submitted by Ralph Hook on 6/12/06 at 8:14 PM. ( )

Cecil, Bought a brookie from you month or so ago. Decided to change directions with my taxidermy ventures. Still frozen Just wondering if I could sell it or would that be illegal. I live in Michigan. Thanks in advance for any info. Ralph Hook

Sorry about above post

This response submitted by Ralph Hook on 6/12/06 at 8:35 PM. ( )

Sorry about above post guess I posted question in wrong spot. Didnt mean to step on any toes. Thanks Ralph

Dave sorry can't help you

This response submitted by Cecil on 6/12/06 at 10:51 PM. ( )

No expericence there. Sounds like Crusty has a good idea.

Ralph I think you'd be O.K. to sell it

This response submitted by Cecil on 6/12/06 at 10:53 PM. ( )

as long as you still have the papers. However there is a possibility you should have a fish farm license but I wouldn't worry about it.

Wolf Eel

This response submitted by Old Fart on 6/12/06 at 11:13 PM. ( )

Dave, I was in the exact same situation a couple years ago. I called a friend in Alaska and asked about doing it conventionally or by reproduction. I was advised that it could be mounted, but my friend strongly advised going the repo route. So that's what I did. I hope you have a good photo for painting it, they vary a great deal and if your customer has any sort of photo it will be a great help in getting it to look like the one he caught.


This response submitted by Dave on 6/12/06 at 11:47 PM. ( )

Thanks Old Fart, I'll have to look up a shop in Alaska, and see what they do with them. My client was wanting it to look like it was in a rock/cave type of habitat.(my idea too) He said they had one in the loge they stayed in, and it was mounted in a strait position. He said it did'nt look that great. This Eel is eight feet long! Hell, it is the spookiest, ugly, looking thing I've seen in a while! I was thinking of making a cast of it out of sand, and then pouring in foam for the body. I know I'll have more time into this than I will get back in money, but this guy has a TON of referals! So I figure I can make up the difference in receiving more clients. Any way, thanks for all the help, and suggestions from all! And yes, I do have a disk of photoes that the client burned for me of the Eal.

wolf fish

This response submitted by Rich on 6/13/06 at 7:07 AM. ( finfeathr@aol.com )

The Long Island guy you cant find the addy for is one of the worst hacks in the game...We are also located on Long Island, and do a few wolf fish every year, always repro. Mc ginnitys in the supplier section has one in their catalog. I have one painted on our website.

Consider This

This response submitted by Old Fart on 6/13/06 at 10:46 AM. ( )

One of the reasons thatI was advised to do the repo was the "smell". I was told that the finished mount would have a "smell" that would always be there. A wolf fish is very similar to, but not exactly the same as a wolf eel. From the research I did, the wolf fish seemed a bit shorter in proportion and the tail was more defined than that of the wolf eel. I got my reproduction from CPR, but it's a bit shorter than what you need.

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