skin mount snook?

Submitted by Derek on 6/13/06 at 12:58 AM. ( )

had a customer call today, just got back from florida and brought a 34 pound snook with him, he wants it skin mounted. told him i would check into it before agreeing to mounting it. I assume if it was skin mountable i would still need to cast the head and fins. I know most saltwater fish are best done in reproductions (and could probably sell him on this) I also heard some could be successfully skin mounted, being as snook are andromedous (sp) thought he might be lucky, anyway what do you all think? thanks in advance Derek

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I'll leave this up to our southern counterparts

This response submitted by Cecil on 6/13/06 at 7:47 AM. ( )

that mount some saltwater fish but I would advise against it. I think you may be biting off more than you can chew. I've done some smaller saltwater fish but this fish is quite big. From the silvery coloration of the reproductions I've done they look like they would be quite fragile to skin out intact too. Could be wrong.

Save yourself the headache and either send him down the road or be firm and say reprodtion only.

Florida Taxidermist

This response submitted by Bill on 6/13/06 at 11:41 AM. ( )

Derek, is the snook 34 pounds or 34 inches? The Florida state slot limit is 26" to 34". I have several snook (skin mounts) that I've done for myself and they make great mounts. BUT, it is a very tedious endeavor due to the fact that the scales on a snook are large and they come loose about 3x quicker while skinning than a crappie. The closest freshwater comparable would be a talapia. It is definitely doable, but be sure not to allow any folding/creasing of skin at all, and when fleshing skin, be sure table & skin are both clean. There also is the issue that no one makes mannikins for them so you will have to carve your own. Just FYI, I charge $300 for a slot size snook skin mount. Reproductions run $12-15 per inch for comparison. So be sure to get your $ worth. Hope this helps and good luck!

thanks cecil and bill

This response submitted by Derek on 6/13/06 at 1:27 PM. ( )

bill not sure it might have been 34 inches, thought he said pounds but wouldnt swear to it, cecil thats what i was thinking i have done quite a few coldwater and warmwater mounts and I'm one on those goofy ones like yourself that prefers fish, but never tried any saltwater ones.i think i'll try to get him sold on a repro, if he wont go that route I'll charge him a high enough price to make sure i get compensated for my time, worse than a crappie huh bill? damn lol, thanks again guys, derek

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