Repair of Habitat Scene for Golden Carp

Submitted by ppark on 6/13/06 at 4:05 PM. ( )

Hi guys,
I was wondering if there was anyone in the Queens or Long Island area in NYC that could repair or replace an acrylic water surface part for a custom habitat scene that was just completed for me by an excellent taxidermist in the midwest. Upon shipping, the habitat scene arrived with the top water scene shattered, and it is impractical for me to ship the mount back. I was utterly crushed to see this had happened (the mount meant a lot to me). I would like to know of a taxidermist that is driving distance away so I can bring the mount to the artist in person. Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated. Thank you guys.

Thank you.

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This response submitted by marty on 6/13/06 at 4:16 PM. ( )

I usually ship USPS and have never had any problems. I was in a hurry and chose to go UPS with a 53" musky. Lo and behold UPS is batting 1000 in their rough handling of things and caused slight damage to the mount. And believe me, I pack my fish that should survive a hollacaust! UPS had to be tossing that thing around like it was a rag doll. Luckily, the damage was minor and was easily repaired by another taxi on the other end. Now, I'm avoiding UPS at all costs...

Had the same thing happen Marty

This response submitted by Cecil on 6/13/06 at 5:31 PM. ( )

with a steelhead to Michigan. The box had to be really manhandled for the damage to occur! UPS is doing a good job on selling me to USPS! Prices and service is better with USPS too!

When I recently went to USP to inquire about shipping...

This response submitted by Marc on 6/14/06 at 9:15 AM. ( )

they said they do not accept oversize packages as big as I wanted to send. How do you guys ship packages through them that exceed their limits? I forget what they said the dimensions were but, thought the total could not be over 116 inches(length plus circumference) or something like that.

UPS...carton soccer their national sport!

This response submitted by Dennis on 6/14/06 at 10:21 AM. ( )

You would think if a company writes Fragile or Glass on a carton the carriers could get a clue, but they don't. I have gotten stuff that had holes in the carton that could have only been put there by a foot, or some blunt object. Lou Wynia packs his replicas in a solid block of foam material inside the box that is really neat stuff.

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