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I just finished painting a crappie and it came out pretty good until I sprayed the clear coat (I use Super Fish Gloss in the spray can) The fish turned milky white and when I let it dry over night and now it is more of a flat color than a wet look what caused this and how can I correct it without stripping all my paint off. Thanks in advance.

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You sprayed too much

This response submitted by Chris on 6/20/06 at 2:22 PM. ( )

on for your first coat. To fix it, spray a light coat on again. Hold it in front of a fan sometimes works when there's high humidity. What I do is after painting, spray a flash coat...lightly and let dry for 15 min. Spray a little heavier coat next until you get the desired effect. When the humidity is high, you will have a light milky look to it, but it will go away. If it does'nt, you are over spraying.

Is that,

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Gary Bomens? fish gloss? Didn't like it. Try Fish gloss from WASCO and you will be pleased. Remember always start light and do several coats.

It is called blushing...try Cecil's advice

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It is indeed the humidity...and I have had it happen plenty. It usually goes away, but don't overdue it if it is hot and humid out.I use Bowen's gloss and like it better than WASCO's stuff. The odor is a bit less, although still you need to be careful...and I think it dries quicker.


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Thanks guys I tried another coat and it didnt work out I may have to strip it down and start over (any certain stripper I should use?)

Cecil's advice?

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is your advice cecil?

The Easiest Correction...

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...For this problem is to go to an automotive paint dealer and get some HIGH GLOSS thinner. Spray over the problem, it takes out the milkyness and turns the flat finish to a gloss. Warning...Good high gloss thinner is NOT CHEAP!

John that's what I want to know

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I never responded to this thread

Ooops...I should have said Chris...

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Sorry.I see the name Cecil so much I wrote his name instead of Chris.

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