panfish mounting kit

Submitted by N/A on 6/22/06 at 5:37 PM. ( )

i have ordered one from Van Dykes and did anyone have problems with anything, and whats the "filler" method?

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N/A its a bare bones amateur kit

This response submitted by Cecil on 6/22/06 at 6:15 PM. ( )

like the chemistry kit you got for christmas vs. the real thing. It won't give you professional results but then again it's not likely your first fish will be anything close to professional. Not knocking Van Dykes just telling you how it is.

There are different ways to fill fish. This is just a simple shove in a filler that has a catalyst to cause it to harden. Very lacking IMHO vs. the half cast method. You fish anatomy will be way off.

Why not spend the money on Breakthrough's Fish Taxidermy manual available from WASCO or other suppliers, buy some plaster locally, and get a good start on doing panfish. The half cast method is clearly explained in the book.

What's the deal with the N/A? Afraid someone is going to chastise you for asking a question?


This response submitted by N/A aka Cody on 6/22/06 at 6:26 PM. ( )

its cody if that helps and thanks for the tip

O.K. Cody

This response submitted by Cecil on 6/22/06 at 8:19 PM. ( )

no reason to be afraid to ask question here. Just a few loud barkers.

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