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Submitted by Cory on 6/23/06 at 9:08 PM. ( )

Here is a link to a Wisconsin Fish Identification Database
It is a pretty cool site used for fish ID. There are lots of photographs that can be copied.

Here is a link to actually download or order a copy of the database.
The download is free and I think if you order a copy it is only 5 bucks. Can't go wrong there.

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Awesome pics!

This response submitted by Rich B. on 6/23/06 at 11:51 PM. ( )

Thanks for the link really is a wealth of knowledge.

Thanks Cory

This response submitted by Joey Arender on 6/24/06 at 12:51 AM. ( )

Some of those are really good... I only say some because I look at only the ones I could use right now and all but one fish had great sets. Thanks for shareing with us

Great site!

This response submitted by Ed Paker on 6/24/06 at 8:27 AM. ( )

You are right this is a great site, not only for the pictures but for the written descritions tha clarify them. Thanks for the tip!

Oh man!

This response submitted by jeff Soto on 6/24/06 at 1:27 PM. ( )

These are fantastic! Some of the Bluegill pics are great! I'm going nuts looking at all the great shots and I've only looked at a couple! Thanks Cory. You da man!

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