Mountain Goat

Submitted by Derek Kingston on 6/20/00. ( )

I am planning a mountain goat hunt this fall and I was wondering what the best method would be to skin a mountain goat for a fullsize mount. Would you do a dorsal incision? If so do you have to slit from the elbow down to the hoof to get the legs out? Or would you just make and incison along the belly and up the four legs.
Thanks for your help

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Dave Says

This response submitted by dave on 6/21/00. ( )

If you were going to mount this yourself, the dorsal would probably be what you prefer, However, I recommend that you do the belly and leg method instead.

this will be much easier to accomplish in the wilderness, and using that cut, you can lay the skin out better for salting and draining.

I wouldn't recommend the dorsal cut unless you have plenty of help to manuever the carcass, or a hoist.

Happy Hunting

Mountain Goat Skinning

This response submitted by Joe on 7/18/00. ( )

I would stay away from the dorsal skinning unless you know what you"re doing. I shot a mtn. goat with my bow and mounted it lifesize using the ventral incision. I left the head inside and intact and I skinned down to the knees and left the bottom of the legs all intact and packed the goat out and completed the skinning back at my shop. When mounting the goat, the length of the hair throughout the goat made the sewing go a little quicker and it came out very nice.

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