Pedestal Mount

Submitted by Kayla on 7/31/00. ( )

Ive just gotten a Buckeye Mannikin Pedestal WT shoulder mount,
and have a question. How do you secure the cape to the back
of a pedestal form? Do I just pin along the edges and then back
the form with buckskin or do I wrap the cape over the back like
a regular deer mount? any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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This response submitted by bill on 7/31/00. ( )

I'm sure there are many different ways on this one but here are a couple.I personally have done a few by just wraping the hide around the back and tacking it as usual and after everything has dried,go back and trim it with a razor,also you can carve a notch around the back at the edge and tuck the skin in just like the lips,and one more(that i havent tried but others i know have),just glue it really well back by the edge and trim the hide and pin it in place.
good luck

Thank You

This response submitted by Kayla on 8/5/00. ( )

Thank You Bill for the advise. I went ahead and pulled
the hide around the back of the form looks like its turning out
perfect! will trim it as soon as its completly dry. Thanks again

Super Glue

This response submitted by J.T. on 8/10/00. ( )

I use pre-tanned hides and I just us zap-a-gap fro the last inch and a half before you get to the edge of the form. Works great and you don't have to pin it.

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