painting deer head

Submitted by maxwell on 7/8/00. ( )

If i paint a deer head around the eyes and in the ears with latex paints, and really screw it up, can i clean it off after it dries and try it again? If so, what do i use to clean it off with? thank you

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Dave Says

This response submitted by Dave on 7/9/00. ( )

you can clean off the paint and start over--the best thing to use will vary depending upon what brand of paint you use. whatever you use to clean up your airbrush will probably work---I would recommend trying acetone or laquer thinner. you should be able to brush the solvent on, then wipe off the paint. when you start over, wait until all the solvent has evaporated before applying your new basecoat or sealer.

Good Luck

Get some polytranspar

This response submitted by Jeff Crawford on 7/15/00. ( )

Go get some polytranspar paints from WASCO, then look in the spring edition of Breakthrough for Bill Yox's paint schedule for whitetails.
He has an excellent article and the results are great! Thanks Bill.

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