Submitted by Drop Tine on 8/4/00. ( )

Mounted a whitetail and the hair stands up a bit, making a slit across the buck's white patch. Pretty sure that the screen wasn't tight enough - but anyone have any answers on what went wrong and if there's a cure? The mount has had 4 months of dry time. Thanking you in advance.

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It's Wrinkled!

This response submitted by Rob on 8/4/00. ( )

It sounds like there is a small wrinkle in the hide that may need to be stretched out a little more. I use a hide puller for this.At least that's what I call it!I just keep stretching the hide toward the brisket until I work the wrinkle out.The hair should lay down normal then.
Hope this helped.

Dave Says

This response submitted by Dave Taylor on 8/4/00. ( )

you'll need to figure out a few things---feel into the hair---can you feel a wrinkle or bump in the skin? if not, then your screen might have actually caused the wrinkle. fix it by coating with a super mega hold hair gel, the re-screening and pinning into position.

if you can feel a wrinkle in the skin, you should re-hydrate the neck area(wrap it in a very wet towel for a few hours.) when it softens up, then press the wrinkle out and let it dry.

If the bump is caused by something under the skin that won't re-hydrate(bondo,epoxy, trash, etc.) then take a hammer and beat it flat. then use gel and re-card.

Good Luck

Was the deer drug by the neck?

This response submitted by Al on 8/5/00. ( )

I know from alot of head aches that some times a rope burn can cause this delema.
I would check every thing stated above.
If all seems well jell the crap out of it.It should for the most part after repeat applications stay down. AL

Style it

This response submitted by Mark on 8/8/00. ( )

Sometimes a hair dryer will help get the hair where you want it to go.

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