Broken antler-moose fell

Submitted by T.Baker on 7/10/00. ( )

Customer's Alaska Moose broke an antler off when it fell off the wall.
Any tricks to putting it back would be appreciated. It only has 1-2 inches of the skull below the burr to work with. All I can come up with is drilling and bolting into the head plate. It is going to have to be a good sized bolt as this thing is very heavy. It also tore the "particle board" back off at the wire hanger. That will also need repair. Any ideas? Thanks, Tom.

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Dave Says

This response submitted by Dave Taylor on 7/10/00. ( )

Add an additional backboard--rehydrate the cape at the backboard area and unstaple.
If the present board is firmly attached to the foam, then leave it in and add a piece of 1/2 inch plywood---cover with construction adhesive, then attach with about a dozen deck screws. you should have enough skin to re-attach to the new backboard.
If the old back board is loose, then pop it off. take a piece of 3/4 inch plywood and drill at least a dozen holes. poke several holes in the foam, then coat the back of the form with bondo (about 1/8 inch all over)then press the board in place and run a 3 inch screw in each hole.
I didn't understand if the antler broke or the skull plate broke,
If it's the antler, then a steel rod and epoxy should work.
If it's the skull plate, I'd re-hydrate the top of the head and get the skin out of the way, then bolt it firmly to the mounting block, then I'd smooth it over with bondo and re-sew the seam.

Hope that helps

Thank You

This response submitted by T.Baker on 7/12/00. ( )


Thanks for the response. I'll try what you've said here. ---Tom.

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